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Anupama 5th July 2022 Written Update

Anupama written update: Anupama 5th July 2022 Upcoming Story


Today 5th  July 2022 Anupama Written Update, latest gossip, and the upcoming story of the popular Star Plus television show.

Anupama written update we will get to see some excellent twists that will be given by Pakhi herself to her parents – Anupama and Vanraj.

The story is quite intimidating.

The main focus of this episode is the friendship between Pakhi and Adhik

Who is suspected to be having something romantic going on between them by the other family members of Pakhi.

The episode starts with Leela questioning the relationship between Pakhi and Adhik in front of all the other family members which included Vanraj, Paritosh, Anupama, and Rakhi.

Pakhi tells in front of everyone that she and Adhik are good friends.

On hearing this Vanraj replies that as per the Indian culture these things are unacceptable.

and so the family will not allow such friendship between them.

In reply to these things said by Vanraj, Pakhi calls out the family members by saying that extramarital affairs and marriage at the age of fifty have been accepted in the family.

Anupama written update

And implies that Vanraj is a hypocrite because he is not willing to accept a normal friendship despite having a bad reputation.

Paritosh also said that Pakhi’s friendship with Adhik cannot be accepted.

And on that Pakhi gave a befitting reply to Paritosh has married his girlfriend, then why not the friendship can be accepted.

After that, one of the shocking moments comes.

When Pakhi confesses that she likes Adhik and Adhik also says that he feels the same way about Pakhi.

Vanraj gets mad after hearing this.

Rakhi being the villain tries to get everyone get provoked against Pakhi.

When Anupama said Pakhi to go to her room but she refused to go.

And questioned the values of the family members.

Samar asks Pakhi to be patient and wait for the right moment.

but she has had enough of all this hypocrisy and wants the family to accept her and Adhik’s friendship.

The next update about the story will come.

It will be around after Vanraj separated Pakhi and Adhik and Pakhi is worrying about what will happen next?

Adhik has asked Pakhi not to worry and to still have hope.

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