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Banni Chow Home Delivery 11 July 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery written update: BCHD 11th July 2022 Upcoming Story

11th July 2022 Written Update features the latest gossip and upcoming stories from Star Plus.

The Banni Chow Home Delivery Show begins with Manini asking Mayra to come home with Yuvraj as soon as possible. 

Banni, after listening that Manini was on the call, took the phone away from Mayra and replied to Manini that Yuvan is not coming anywhere.

His treatment will be done here only at my house. 

On the other hand, in Rathod Mansion, Manini was stopping Hemant from visiting Banni House along with her.

Hemant became enraged with Manini because of her low mentality. Hemant instantly called the driver.

Afterward, Manini asks Niyati to wake up Viraj and tell him I’m calling her.

Yuvan, on the other hand, asked Banni to bring him some kulfi to eat so that he could control his body temperature with it.

After listening to this, Banni gave him a weird reaction and told him I am not going to bring something like that for you.

Suddenly, Sindoor gets spilled on the floor.

Banni started collecting it. After seeing that, Yuvan asked Banni what is the importance of Sindoor. Banni explained everything about it to him.

After listening, Yuvan asked Banni, “Why don’t you wear Sindoor on your forehead?” Banni started laughing and told him that only married women can wear sindoor.

Yuvan then told Banni, “Your hands are looking like a red flower now.” 

Then the doctor arrived and started doing a checkup on the yuvan.

Manini became concerned about Yuvan after seeing the Banni neighborhood.

Hemant asked her to not worry, just calm down. Instead, Manini asked him to first check on Yuvan. 

After entering Banni’s house, Manini got very rude to the doctor and told him I was going to take away the yuvan from here. 

Banni, on the other hand, introduced Manini to the doctor. After listening to the doctors’ names, Manini became speechless. 

Manini, in return, asked the doctor what he was doing here if he was so well-known. The doctor told Manini that Banni helped his father a lot with food. 

Afterward, the doctor told Hemant that he needed to do some tests on Yuvan to get to know the reason behind his fast heartbeat. 

The doctor also warns Manini that moving away from here can be dangerous for Yuvan. 

After the doctor leaves, Manini starts scolding Mayra to bring Yuvan here. Whereas Mayra begins telling him about Yuvan and how he protected Banni from goons like a movie hero. 

To learn more about the show, check out Banni Chow Home Delivery spoilers, upcoming stories, news updates, and the most recent gossip.

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