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Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th August 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery written update: BCHD 11th August 2022 Upcoming Story

Today 11th August 2022 Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update features the latest gossip and upcoming stories from Star Plus.

Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th August 2022 Written Update Devraj asks Manini about her next evil scheme. Manini tells Devraj she’s doing it for Yuvan. Afterward, Manini refers to Banni as “Banni Yuvan Singh Rathore” and instructs her family to accept Banni and Yuvan’s relationship. Manini performs the aarti and requests that Banni spur the Kalash and let her in after dipping her feet in sindoor water. Yuvan, on the other hand, stops Banni and examines the Kalash for snakes and the sindoor water for venom.

Banni has moved by Yuvan’s gesture, while Charmie mocks Yuvan for not understanding Banni’s humor. After that, Banni and Yuvan walk into Rathore’s homes hand in hand, whereas Yuvan performs the greh Pravesh in Banni’s footprints. Manini confronts Veer about welcoming Banni into the house, and Manini tells him to shut up and follow her.

The next rasam begins, and Yuvan instructed to slide the plates without making a sound, while Banni picks them silently as well. Seven plates are placed in front of Banni and Yuvan, with Yuvan sliding the plate silently. Similarly, Banni quietly picks up six plates, but when Yuvan notices Banni bending to pick up the heavy plates, he tries to take the plates from her grip. Banni tries to stop Yuvan, but plates fall with a loud thud.

Charmie makes fun of Yuvan and Banni’s relationship for intruding on their lives, just like the plates did. Meantime, Yuvan begins to beat plates to create a melodious sound. Banni mentions her and Yuvan’s relationship with the melodious sound. Simultaneously, Yuvan connects with Viraj while doing a high-five with Banni.

Viraj is rude to Yuvan.

Banni confronts Viraj about being the younger child and instructs everyone to address Yuvan with dignity. Manini agrees with Banni’s decision, but Devraj and Banni are skeptical of Manini’s change of heart. Later, Manini instructs Banni to place illuminated diyas in various corners of the house. Banni and Yuvan place Diya lovingly in front of Yuvan’s mother’s portrait while a flower from her portrait falls. Both Banni and Yuvan are overjoyed as they touch the flower with their foreheads as if receiving Yuvan’s mother’s blessing. Yuvan places the flower in Banni’s hair, and Banni smiles at his actions.

To watch all episodes of Banni Chow Home Delivery or today’s (9 August 2022) full episode of BCHD, go to hotstar.com.

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