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Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th October 2022 Written Episode

Banni Chow Home Delivery written episode: BCHD 17th October 2022 Upcoming Story written update

Today 17th October 2022 Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s BCHD 17 October 2022 episode starts with Banni anxiously calling for Yuvan when the electricity returns. Scared Banni and her family members search for the venue for Yuvan but are unsuccessful. Later, Hemant phones Manini to see whether Yuvan is home, but she does not answer.

Banni orders Hemant and Devraj to take Charmie home, while she searches for him at the venue. Yuvan is afraid at the cliff’s height and asks Manini whether they will go to the stars. However, Manini urges him to jump since he will only reach the stars from there, but he also encourages her to join her.

Yuvan takes Manini’s hand in his and tells her they will jump together. Manini, terrified, slips her hand from his grasp and shouts that she is not his Vandana Mama. Manini informs him that she is killing Devraj to get her revenge on him and blames Banni for delaying her plans every time. She says that he must die in order to satisfy her wish for revenge.

Innocent Yuvan, on the other hand, says he would have jumped faster if his mother had told him to. Manini’s cold heart melts for a second as he hears Yuvan’s words, but she tells him to jump and meet his actual mother. Manini pushes him down the cliff and returns home happy.

Banni notices her things piled in one location in her room, and Charmie informs her that Yuvan told her he is going somewhere. Charmie begs Viraj to confess the truth in order to protect their unborn child. He recalls Manini handing him a letter in which he informs her that he would only travel half the trip with them. When Viraj realizes the letter is Yuvan’s suicide note, he rushes to save him.

Simultaneously, Charmie discovers the note on the ground and rushes to Banni after reading it. Meanwhile, Banni receives the letter in which Yuvan declares that he is leaving her life because she deserves someone better. He calls himself an idiot and tells her that she deserves a guy like Agastya, not a kid like Yuvan. And encourages her to marry Agastya. He asks his family not to grieve and informs Banni that he is leaving and would be watching her and Agastya from the stars.

Manini enters the living room at that exact moment, and an enraged Banni confronts her about Yuvan’s location. She pushes Manini onto the sofa and threatens to kill her if she does not tell her where Yuvan is. Hemant pulls Banni away from Manini, but she pulls him off and pushes him aside. She puts her leg on the sofa and shows Manini the suicide note, accusing him of doing it. Banni asks Manini where Yuvan is for the last time.

Watch all Banni Chow Home Delivery episodes or today’s (17 Oct 2022). For the full episode of BCHD, go to hotstar.com

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