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Banni Chow Home Delivery 19 July 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery written update: BCHD 19th July 2022 Upcoming Story

Today 19th July 2022 Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update features the latest gossip and upcoming stories from Star Plus.

Today’s BCHD 19th July 2022 episode starts with Yuvan getting surprised after seeing a burnt wound on his palm.

Yuvan came to the room to give him aid but got surprised after seeing that Yuvan didn’t know anything about the burnt wound on his palm. 

Devraj gave Yuvan his phone in his hand and asked him to continue calling Banni until he brought medicine for him.

On the other hand, Banni reached her house and started searching for her phone.

Suddenly, her mami came with a basket of daturas. Her mami told her she found that basket outside the house on the main door. Banni noticed a piece of paper in the basket full of daturas. She read it. It was written on the paper that someone had mixed daturas seeds in today’s food.

In Rathod Mansion, Yuvan was trying to call Banni and suddenly someone picked up her phone. And Yuvan got to hear someone’s voice calling out to Raja.

which you may suspect that something is wrong. Banni Then called Devraj with the phone number Vishu.

Banni told Yuvan then that he had listened to some goons’ voices calling Raja on your phone when he was trying to call you. 

She got to know that something was going wrong. Banni then got out with Vishu to warn her customers to not eat today’s food.

She was heading ahead with Vishnu when suddenly she met Praful on her way. The one who helped her to get a Yuvan blood sample.

Yuvan was kept on a very high medicine dose and this could even stop his heart. Banni immediately dialed Devraj’s number and told him everything Praful had said to her.

After listening to Banni, Devraj suddenly got the scene in his mind when Manini was forcefully making Yuvan swallow medicine. Devraj then asked Yuvan to vomit out the pills.

This will not allow medicines to react to the yuvan body. Suddenly, the manini came into Yuvan’s room. And after seeing Vishu’s call on Devi’s phone, she learns that something is going wrong. 

Whereas Devraj told Manini that he was helping Yuvan to take medicine as he felt unconscious suddenly. Devraj started searching for his phone.

But, until then, Manini and Viraj will keep their phone hidden with them. whereas Banni became stuck thinking about what she should do, whether she should go to protect his customers or Yuvan.

Banni then got surrounded by her customers, accusing her of such irresponsible behavior.


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