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Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th September 2022 Written Episode

Banni Chow Home Delivery written episode: BCHD 19th September 2022 Upcoming Story written update

Today 19th September 2022 Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s BCHD 19 September 2022 episode starts with Yuvan telling Manini about Agastya scolding her. Meanwhile, Manini becomes angry and tells Yuvan that she is upset because Yuvan did not get to perform. Banni, on the other hand, prevents Debraj from contacting the organizers to have Yuvan given an opportunity to sing. And tells them not to worry about Manini because Yuvan must have told her by now. Back in Manini’s room, she tries to convince Yuvan to leave his ambition of becoming a musician. And join her at the workplace. Yuvan, on the other hand, refuses, saying that he cannot do so since he wants to make Banni happy by becoming a singer.

At night, Banni is preparing a supper plate when Manini arrives and attempts to convince her that Yuvan should pursue his love. Banni responds angrily to Manini, informing her that if she attempts to stop her and Yuvan again. She would be insulted not just in the city, but across India. Later, Yuvan notices Banni’s strain and instructs her to close her eyes, place her hand where her heart should be, and let go of all her anxieties. Just then, Banni receives a phone call from Myra. Who provides her with Agastya’s current location and tells her to meet Yuvan there immediately.

Meanwhile, Manini assigns Viraj to protect the home and ensures that Banni and Yuvan do not escape. However, Banni informs Yuvan that they are playing hide and seek, but she becomes disappointed when she notices Viraj guarding. Charmi arrives to aid Banni and Yuvan and encourages Banni to help Yuvan achieve his dreams. While she cares for her husband. Charmi sensually dances in front of Viraj and leads him back to their room, while Banni and Yuvan flee. Agastya finishes his shot while the actress invites him out for a cup of coffee. However, Agastya lies about his dislike of coffee and refuses the actress.

To watch all episodes of Banni Chow Home Delivery or today’s (17 Sep 2022) full episode of BCHD, go to hotstar.com

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