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Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th October 2022 Written Episode

Banni Chow Home Delivery written episode: BCHD 20th October 2022 Upcoming Story written update

Today 20th October 2022 Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s BCHD 20 October 2022 episode starts with Banni collecting the extra Kheer, intending to create another batch for Yuvan later. The bouncer pushes Yuvan into the temple, and the ladoos fly in the air, but Yuvan catches them all. Furious Yuvan takes the bouncer outdoors on his shoulders. He hangs him by his waist and instructs him to distribute ladoos to the children himself.

After the bouncer has distributed the ladoos, Yuvan takes up a knife and throws it blindly, cutting the rope with swag. Later, Yuvan visits the temple when his headaches and he feels a variety of feelings. While Banni runs inside the temple, he stands before the Mata Rani idol. At the same moment, Yuvan’s brains start spinning and he gets flashbacks of someone hitting a child and him consoling her. Banni notices Yuvan standing there, as a girl enters the temple.

Meanwhile, Yuvan finds Bunty, and Banni criticizes him for leaving the hospital. The girl approaches the idol, and her dupatta falls over Yuvan’s face. Banni, on the other hand, places her hand on his shoulder to shock him out of his dream. Banni is surprised when Yuvan asks who she is and whether he knows her. Meanwhile, Devraj and Hemant enter the temple, and Yuvan greets them with hugs. He wonders why everyone is looking so elderly and inquires about Bunty.

Hemant and Devraj are taken aback by Yuvan’s statements. Banni, on the other hand, has walked on a thorny rose, and Yuvan assists her in removing the thorns from her feet while also tying his handkerchief over her feet. He wonders whether she has someone with her since sometimes injuries are deeper than they appear. Banni, shocked, attempts to hand him the Kheer, but Hemant takes him away.

Devraj heals Banni while the girl distributes the ladoo and asks about Banni’s problem. Devraj questions Hemant in Rathore’s house about why he did not tell Yuvan about Banni. Hemant says that he would marry Yuvan to a girl who deserves to be Rathore’s daughter-in-law and closes the gate in Banni’s face. Devraj, furious, tells Hemant to unlock the gate since Yuvan loves her.

Hemant, on the other hand, claims Yuvan has completely forgotten Banni and her love, connection, and everything. Hemant informs Banni that he will support her tiffin business in exchange for her not looking at Yuvan again. Meanwhile, Devraj says he would tell Yuvan the truth since he loves Banni and deserves to know about her.

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