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Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th October 2022 Written Episode

Banni Chow Home Delivery written episode: BCHD 27th October 2022 Upcoming Story written update

Today 27th October 2022 Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s BCHD 27 October 2022 episode starts with Banni and Yuvan standing outside the Rathore estate since Yuvan wants to ride Banni’s scooter to the celebration. Yuvan teases Banni, stating that her scooter is picking up on her attitude. Yuvaan sits behind Baani and loves the ride as she drives.

Yuvan later stops her scooter at a corner and buys a rose flower to place into her hair. Suddenly, some thugs arrive and blackmail them into handing over their belongings. Banni, on the other hand, defeats them with bravery, as Yuvan admires his Banni Dulhan and the song “Chaand Baaliyan” plays in the background. Yuvan’s heart skips a beat with each punch from Banni, and he picks up the rose that has fallen from her hair.

The goons leave after the fight, as Yuvan ties his handkerchief over Banni’s fingers. Later, Banni arrives at the party and meets Charmie and Myra, while Viraj welcomes Yuvan. Everyone congratulates as Viraj declares the new beginning of Rathore Industries, announcing that he and Yuvan would now handle operations together. Yuvan takes the mike and pays gratitude to the invisible faces (Banni) who assisted him in his success.

Following the speech, Yuvan’s doctor visits Banni and praises him for his confidence. Viraj and Charmie share a quiet time with each other and the unborn baby before the dance begins. Simultaneously, Yuvan hands a pen drive to a waitress and instructs him to play it when he says so. Meanwhile, Yuvan expresses gratitude to his doctor but informs her that Banni was the one who arranged the surgery.

Yuvan approaches Banni, who blushes. He takes her hands, pulls her into his arms, and dances with her. Banni and Yuvan dance like there’s no tomorrow, completely forgetting about the people around them. Their moments’ flow and harmony enhance their intimacy. Yuvan loves Banni’s shyness by touching her waist to her neck.

After the dance, a waiter spills a drink on Yuvan’s suit, and he rushes to change his clothing after giving the waiter a thumbs-up. At the same time, the same guys appear in the empty corridor and seize Yuvan and kick him in the stomach.

Yuvan falls to the ground, his mouth splattering with blood. Yuvan’s head spins as he sees the blood, and he wakes up in the dark. Dark Yuvan chases the goons and brutally beats them while the doctor stands there shocked. He makes the goon remove his signet ring, jacket, and pendant. Charmie, on the other side, teases Banni, but she tells them about Yuvan wanting to tell her something. Banni asks for Yuvan as he sneaks out the back door wearing the goon’s clothing.

Watch all Banni Chow Home Delivery episodes or today’s (27 Oct 2022). For the full episode of BCHD, go to hotstar.com

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