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Banni Chow Home Delivery 4 July 2022 Written Update

BCHD written update: Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th July 2022 Upcoming Story

4 July 2022 Written Update of Banni chow home delivery starts the latest gossip and upcoming stories and twists in the life of the Banni. The show starts with Banni trying to stop Viraj, but unfortunately, the belt got twisted and hit Viraj.

The belt hit Viraj so badly that he couldn’t tolerate the pain. He started shouting and screaming, pleading with Banni to stop. Banni stopped with a warning that she would always look up to Yuvan no matter what.

Being angry, Viraj left. Debraj starts thanking Banni for again taking a stand for Yuvan no matter what.


Then Banni went to Debraj to return the ring so quickly, fearing that the Rathod family would once again label her as a thief. After returning, she’s way away from there.

On the other hand, Niyati, in between, got a chance to get closer to Yuvan. She started using the opportunity and held Yuvan’s hand and took him to his room so gently and silently.

banni chow home delivery

What do you think? Will Niyati be able to get close to Yuvan, or will Bann arrive before Niyati can? To get more updates, spoilers, the latest gossip, and news, stay connected with us. Follow the show on Star Plus and Hotstar.

2nd July 2022 Update of BCHD: In the last episode (2 July 2022) of Star Plus’s very demanding and popular show, Bannichow Home Delivery Banni gets into an incident and unfortunately burns her hand and asks for help from Vishnu. Vishnu helped her and tried to console her as she was concerned about her image in front of Yuvan. Afterward, she went grocery shopping to relax for a while. But unfortunately, there she collided with Raja. Raja warns her if she doesn’t marry her and will not obey him. He will kidnap her. Banni got frightened by his words of Raja so badly.


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