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Banni Chow Home Delivery 8 July 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery written update: BCHD 8th July 2022 Upcoming Story

8 July 2022 Written Update features the latest gossip and upcoming Banni Chow Home Delivery stories from Star Plus.

The Banni Chow Home Delivery Show begins with Debraj and Myra being taken aback by Yuvan’s state of unconsciousness.

Yuvan has never felt this unconsciously. They saw Yuvan calling Niyati “Gandhi pari” after coming to their senses after some time.

They were shocked after seeing that as Yuvan was eating food with Niyati’s hands before, now he is neglecting her only.

 Afterward, Raja entered Banni’s house with his friends like a thief.

But Banni got a footstep sound in her ears. She asked if anybody was here with me.

Banni Chow Home Delivery

Yuvan, after listening to Banni’s voice, is full of fear. Is she okay? Is everything alright?

Banni suddenly screamed in pain as Raja pulled her hair forcefully. And in between, the phone slipped from Banni’s hand. 

After hearing Bann’s scream, Yuvan was already on a call and he kept asking her if she was okay.

but was unable to give an answer as the phone slipped from her hand. 

Yuvan, worried, ran to Mayra and asked her to take him to the banni’s house. Mayra also suddenly got tense as she got worried about Banni’s safety.

What do you think? Will Yuvan and Mayra be able to protect banni?

Will Raja be able to be successful in his plan, or will Yuvan and Mayra not allow him?

What do you think about what new twist is going to come in banni’s life?? 

To know more about the show, follow the show only on Star Plus and Hotstar.

Stay tuned for more updates, spoilers, upcoming stories, news, and gossip on the Star Plus show BCHD.

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