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Best Indian Movies & Web Series that kept us hooked In 2022

Best Indian Movies: Watching a web series or a movie based on a real-life event is intriguing in its way. We are continuously reminded that we are watching something that genuinely happened and impacted the lives of thousands, maybe even lakhs of people. Cinema is one of the best ways to capture these emotions. These incidents that have impacted the lives of so many people and maybe even continue to do so need to be put out in front of the world. Best Indian Movies Here is a list of such movies.

1. House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths – 

This Netflix documentary tells the story as it is and not beyond. In addition, this documentary explains the reason for mass suicide as “shared psychosis” and more from a mental health perspective.  This was one of the very profile cases back in 2011. The police officials were under a lot of stress and pressure to find out the truth about this incident. The investigators found 11 diaries from their home, each detailing the situation, making the picture a bit clearer. It found out that it wasn’t a murder or suicide; instead, it was a case of accidental death.  Mental health was one of the most critical aspects of this movie. Lalit was the youngest family member, and the traumas he faced in his life somewhere ended up being the cause of destruction for him and his family. You can binge it Here

2. Delhi Riots — A tale of Burn & Blame –

The documentary titled Delhi Riots: A tale of Burn & Blame was written by a Supreme Court advocate, Sandeep Mahapatra, and a journalist, Manoj Verma. The riot that broke out on 23 February in Delhi one of the worst riots witnessed in recent times and result in 53 deaths and leftover 500 injure.  The documentary perfectly captured the pain and suffering of the people who lost their families and close ones in the riot. You can binge it Here

3. Bell Bottom – 

Bell bottom, starring Akshay Kumar, inspired by events like Shershaah and Bhuj. Among multiple airplane hijacks, this has another challenge faced by the Indians in 1984. This was among the seventh heinous hijacking event in the last five years. The story revolves around Akshay Kumar, who goes by the code name “Bellbottom,” a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent who goes undercover to rescue 210 hostages and blow up the mission.  The highlight of the movie is its stunning background score. Daniel B. George did quite a phenomenal job with the retro music, which gives it a well-polished and stylish look. Akshay Kumar did a fantastic job, as usual. There were, of course, several flaws including unnecessary romantic interests or cheesy songs. Also, the climax was poorly executed and could have been more convincing. Every movie has a spot, it is inevitable, but overall it was a good movie with a great storyline. You can binge it Here

4. Shershaah –

The direction, crew, music, everything was just perfect. The movie did not contain unnecessary gruesome activities, and neither did it go off-topic with usual cliches for once. It felt like reading a book with visuals being a bonus.  The icing on top of the cake for sure. The movie remarkably captured Vikram Batra’s love for his country and his fiancee. Moreover, it gave us insight into what soldiers face on an everyday basis.  The sacrifices they make to keep us safe, the people they leave behind so that we can hold the ones dear to us close, and a lot more. The movie is based on the life of Captain Vikram Batra, aka Shershaah, an officer of the Indian Army.  The movie stars Siddharth Malhotra as Vikram Batra and Kiara Advani as his girlfriend Dimple Cheema. After watching movies like Student of the Year, a gentleman, Ek Villain, etc., you would be a bit dubious about his role in the film but, he proved so many of us wrong.  I felt that Vikram Batra was right in front of me throughout the movie. His actions, expressions, attitude, everything shared a lot of resemblance with Batra. The only thing that disappointed me was another typical male-centric movie. However, Kiara Advani, with her outstanding acting skills, proves again that she is capable of being part of a movie that doesn’t revolve only around supporting a male character. Best Indian Movies You can binge it Here

5. Sardar Udham – 

Sardar Udham, directed by Shoojit Sircar, is a tribute to Sardar Udham Singh (Vicky Kaushal), an Indian revolutionary responsible for murdering Michael O’Dwyer in London in 1940 to avenge the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre of 1919. The film shuffles between the past and the present. The film did not have any chest-pumping dialogues. Instead, it approaches a non-linear narrative to emphasize the story. The film revolves around a man who was deeply scarred from the happenings and went about doing his job quietly. The main challenge was to get into his mind and connect the dots, which would lead to the “why.” Unlike other Bollywood movies, the protagonist did not seem invincible or to hero -, rather, this time, it was the story of a simple man from Amristar, Punjab. Udham’s fight was against the unlawful practices and rules of the British, which took away the right to speak and think freely. The film runs approx for 2 hours, and 40 minutes with many unexpected turns like him landing odds jobs in London and being a part of various remarkable events that lead him to his ultimate goal. Sardar Udham’s courage never roared; it only whispered. He was against the whole system of semi-independence, “Hum Sirf exploitation ke against hai. Humein semi-independence Nahi chahiye.”  You can binge it Here


Web Series

Web series emerged in 1990 and became more prominent in the early 2000s. A web series is any series that can be streamed over the Internet, thus, the name “Web Series.” This includes everything from a 5minute clip on Youtube to Netflix’s famous series ‘The Office.’ Web Series has gained quite a lot of traction over the last few years. Netflix is one of the most streaming platforms as of now. As a result, web series are gaining more popularity than movies. Watching a series is an adventure of its own. It’s like a highly extended and twisted rollercoaster with many unpredictable moments. It is fun watching a series now; imagine watching a series based on real-life events. How cool is that? Best Indian Movies You get to answer that. We might have a few recommendations for you.

Here is a list of web series: 

  1. Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream summary – 

Alma Matters is a mini-series documentary that gives a glimpse of what goes on inside these premier institutes of India. It is directed by Prashant Raj and Pratik Patra and does an incredible job of conveying the professor and students’ feelings and emotions in these leading institutes. It all starts with a delusion that cracking one of the toughest examinations in the country leads to a good and fruitful life but, the reality is far from it. This path could take two sides depending on which side you choose; being a part of IIT is a small part of the more significant journey. The series gives a comparison analysis between the Indian education system and the education system overseas. For example, your college and career depend on how high you score in the exam rather than your skillset, which is a prominent part of the Indian education system. Overseas education emphasizes your interest in the subject you choose to apply for. You can binge it Here

2. Crime Stories: India Detectives-

Best Indian Movies

The desire to read, watch or listen to true crime stories is hard to resist. This Netflix documentary follows the Bengaluru police to solve violent crime cases.  The documentary consists of 4 episodes in total. Three episodes were about murders; one of them was about kidnapping a child. This documentary shows the harsh truth of reality. But, unfortunately, the broken education system, the fear of criticism over failure, and dreaming are part of life. The first story revolves around a woman killing her mother. Terrifying? Yes, Why? Mostly. These were the exact thoughts that were running in my mind, but it started to make a bit of sense after I watched the episode. You might think I am crazy now. The main question behind all this was, “What exactly happened in her life which forced her to take such a step?” and it did get answered. I promise you won’t be disappointed. It should be a part of your watchlist by now if you love series that run deep beyond the surface. Best Indian Movies  You can binge it Here

3. Mumbai Diaries 26/11–

Best Indian Movies

The show positions itself in a government hospital where resources are limited but high on talent and the human spirit. Filmmakers Nikhil Advani and Nikhil Gonsalves don’t disappoint and carefully take us on this 60 -odd hours journey filled with terror, thrill, and more.  The show was a small glimpse of what occurred that night, but the reality is far from what any media could ever portray. The show contains a lot of symbolic meaning, like the crumbling hospital infrastructure extended to the crumbling healthcare infrastructure during that time. There weren’t enough beds, rooms, and people to handle the ongoing crisis. Overall, unlike other event-based series, Advani and Gonsalves have framed the horrific event in the best way possible. Each crew got its share of attention and played its part tremendously. A lot of fresh faces were cast in this series. The exact picture couldn’t be broken down in just a 60hr something series. Best Indian Movies You can binge it Here

4. Kota Factory –

The name tells the story itself. The series gives us an idea about life in Kota. The show depicts our education system via a short narrative. The student in you could probably relate to the constant fight for better grades, looking for better coaching institutions, and so much more. The series revolves around Vaibhav Pandey (Mayur More), an IIT aspirant from a small town. It shows the student’s life in a city and Vaibhav’s struggle to enter IIT.  The series left a mark on each student with its great storyline, splendid acting, direction, and a lot more. You can binge it Here

5. Kaafir –

Zee 5’s original series Kaafir starring Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina, is based on a real-life event. The series is based on the true story of Shaniaz from Pakistan, who was mistaken for a militant and was held hostage for seven years until a journalist decides to help her gain legal entry into her country. Best Indian Movies Indo – Pak social-political scenario is not unknown. The narrative of this film is intriguing, beautiful, and relevant. Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina did an excellent job. The entire cast successfully created a beautiful story amid such tense situations. Kaafir was a short attempt to teach love, peace, and harmony among the people’s hearts otherwise filled with hatred, cruelty, and prejudices. You can binge it Here

6. Jamtara –

Best Indian Movies

Jamtara – Sabka number aayega, shot in a rural backdrop, is based on a true story. The story starts with many poor, illiterate kids who scam people to make a significant amount of money. The story takes place in a village in the state of Jharkhand in India. The first season has gained quite popularity and has gathered many positive reviews. There were few typical scenes of a powerful, corrupt politician, but it takes a quick turn to keep the story exciting and fresh later. This series introduced new and fresh faces who played a significant part in their role. The series has its fair share of loopholes, like how they could withdraw cash from credit and debit cards, and computers in his home-based center. But, the identity of the rich and meaningful people who come to their parties, and a lot more, the favorite part would be that it wasn’t like any of your typical Bollywood series. You can binge it Here

Which one of these Best Indian Movies web series is your current favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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