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Big Brother Recap 28 July 2022 : Season 24 Episode 10 “HoH and Live Eviction”

Big Brother airs an all-new Thursday, July 28, 2022, season 24 episode 10 tonight on CBS, and we have your Big Brother recap below! According to the CBS summary for tonight’s Big Brother season 24 episode 10, “Live Eviction and HoH,” “Tonight on BB24 we have another live eviction, and if things go as they seem we will see a huge blindside!” Will Ameerah evict? Only time will tell… Following the live eviction, another Head of Household competition will take place.

Tonight’s Big Brother Episode Starts Right Now.

Terrance says he’s leaving Big Brother tonight and wants Ameerah to stay in the game instead of him.

Ameerah will speak with anyone she can in order to obtain information. She needs six votes to stay in office and is working hard to obtain them. The Leftovers must pay close attention to their game this week; if Ameerah smells anything, they doomed.

Nicole has a heart-to-heart with Terrance, telling him that since he is clearly leaving, she wanted to tell him a secret: she was a cop for ten years. Nicole expresses her sadness to Turner about Terrance’s departure. Turner assures Terrance that he is safe after Nicole exits the room. Terrance extends his hand and declares that his word is his bond!

Did Turner just make a huge blunder?

It’s finally time for the live vote and eviction.

Alyssa votes to evict Terrance

Indy votes for Terrance

Monte votes for Ameerah

Nicole votes for Terrance

Jasmine votes for Terrance

Brittany votes for Ameerah

Taylor votes for Ameerah

Kyle votes for Ameerah

Michael votes for Ameerah

Daniel votes for Ameerah

Joseph votes for Ameerah.

Ameerah has evicted by a vote of 7 to 4. Nicole tells Ameerah she’ll see her on The Amazing Race as she walks away.

Ameerah is with Julie and shocked. she claims that everyone told her she was safe. She believes she was targeted because she is a stronger competitor than Terrance. Daniel and Nicole, she believes, stabbed her in the back. Julie informs her that Daniel and Nicole had nothing to do with the Stuff.  She is shocked

Julie addressed the house, telling Terrance that he can have more than one bestie because he is all alone. As a result, he can join a bestie group. However, if the Besties win HOH, he is out for the week. If they don’t, he’s in danger. Terrance joins Monte and Joseph in the game, and the three of them are having a good time.

This Head Of Household competition is based on Sony’s new film The Invitation. To compete for the HOH, you must first obtain an invitation. 1500 envelopes will rain down on Julie’s head, and their job will be to open them until they find a red invitation. The first person to find it and claim a spot on the porch will be the first to move on. That means four of them will not be able to continue.

End Of Today Episode.

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