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Big Brother Recap 31 July 2022 : Season 24 Episode 11

Big Brother airs tonight on CBS with an all-new Thursday, July 31, 2022, season 24 episode 11, and we have a Big Brother recap below.

Tonight’s Big Brother Episode Starts Right Now.

The HOH competition begins tonight’s Big Brother episode, with the HGs searching inside envelopes for a red invitation. Jasmine, Terrance, Brittany, Monte, Daniel, Joseph, Nicole, and Alyssa are among the cast members.

Alyssa believes Ameerah should not have been evicted from the house and she no longer trusts anyone in the house. We return to the eviction, where Alyssa is crying and Nicole is furious that she did not say goodbye to Ameerah, her best friend in the house.

Turner congratulates the eight on their victory in the first round of the HOH. Now for the second installment. When they hear a scream, they must slide one goblet of blood down a table with numbers on it. They repeat this three times, and the HG with the highest score wins HOH. Nicole is sure she will win and declares that she cannot wait to go after the people who put Ameerah up for adoption.

With a total of 11 points, Monte wins the HOH. And he is very excited to get some targets out of the house. Meanwhile, Nicole is determined to discover why the vote in the House was flipped. And she’s still complaining about how she didn’t get to say goodbye to Ameerah.

Monte, Terrance, and Joseph rejoice in the pantry room, knowing that they are all safe this week.

Terrance is overjoyed that he won’t be able to be touched this week.

When Joseph notices Alyssa crying, she tells him she just misses home and her person. He goes to tell Kyle because he believes they are developing a showmance.

Monte shows his HOH room and is moved to tears by his letter from home. Everyone begins to disperse, leaving only the Leftovers in the HOH room. Taylor declares that she no longer wishes to be a pawn. Monte just wants to make sure everyone is on the same page about who the targets are this week.

Monte is talking to Alyssa about putting up Nicole and Taylor as pawns, but Taylor says no. Monte tells Alyssa that if she goes up for election, she will almost certainly stay in the house because she has a lot of votes. Alyssa isn’t concerned because she trusts Monte.

Monte then speaks to Indy and informs her that she is being used as a pawn and is not the intended target. Indy is upset, telling him that she would never do such a thing to him. Monte then meets with Nicole, who informs him that she and Daniel are a formidable force.

It is now time for the nomination ceremony. Monte suggests Indy and Alyssa. Unless Taylor gives him permission to backdoor Nicole, the plan is to get rid of Alyssa. Nicole, on the other hand, believes she is the next one to go.


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