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Bigg Boss 16 12th October 2022 Written Update, Episode 12, Day 12

Today’s Bigg Boss 16 12th October 2022 episode (Day 12) begins with Shalin Bhanot speaking gently to Gautam Vig regarding Tina Dutta.

Gautam then tells Shalin that Tina loves him and that he should start paying more attention to her.

Simultaneously, Gautam claims to have coupled Tina and Shalin’s rooms so they may bond further.

Meanwhile, Shalin becomes thrilled and states that he and Tina have a college-like love and that they had a lot of nice chats last night.

Gautam later sits with Tina and swings his arm over her shoulder to taunt Shalin over breakfast.

Gautam jokes that Tina understands him better than Shalin ever could.

Tina, laughing, declares her absolute love for Gautam, while Shalin claims this is not even treachery behind the back.

It’s all happening right in front of his eyes, as Tina struggles to keep her chuckle hidden.

Sumbul smirks at Shalin as she eats her food while watching the scene, and Gautam tells Shalin that Tina is his.

Download Bigg Boss 16 on 12th October for all episodes or watch Bigg Boss 16 on 8th October (8 October 2022) and complete the episode online at voot.com to know more.

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