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Bigg Boss 16 18th October 2022 Written Update, Episode 18, Day 18

Today’s Bigg Boss 16 18th October show (day 18) starts with, As usual, the candidates waking up and taking the BB Oath.

Tina Datta also expressed her unwillingness to prepare the early food because she finished the previous night’s job as well.

Nobody pays attention to her turmoil and proceeds with their own pleasure.

Gori Nagori and Archana Gautam fall into a heated quarrel while preparing breakfast and begin slamming one other for their respective lives.

Archana, tired of Gori’s unfounded stories and drama, fills a glass with water and throws it at Gori.

Gori is soaked as she grabs a water bottle and chases after Archana in an attempt to get retribution.

Gori, on the other hand, fails while Bigg Boss informs the contestants that splashing water on someone is not permit.

Priyanka bursts out laughing as she informs Archana that she has merely warned her that throwing water does not permit it.

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