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Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Written Update Episode 1

Bigg Boss Written Update: Bigg Boss 1st October 2022 Upcoming Story, gossip, Saturday episode Written Episode

Today’s Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 show begins with Bigg Boss’ voice booming. As he claims he has been longing to return to his viewers’ life.

Salman Khan, the show’s well-known presenter, also makes an appearance with a fantastic rendition of his current single. The audience erupts in applause when Salman greets them in his trademark flair, repeating it in a variety of Indian languages.

Salman Khan said that he has longed to return to the Bigg Boss set since it is his favorite place to be. Salman Khan further tells the viewers that this season would be a rollercoaster journey of twists and turns as Bigg Boss himself will play with the contestants.

The screen begins to show footage from past seasons of Bigg Boss while Salman Khan adds that the next candidates, like earlier contestants, are entering the program to build a name for themselves and have a chance to earn the title of Bigg Boss 16 Winner.

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Bigg Boss Season 16 1st October 2022 Episode 1 Written Update:

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is the first contestant on BB 16.

Salman Khan then introduces on the stage the first contestant, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, who was blindfolded. She informs Salman Khan that he has been really fortunate for her. Because she began her career as ‘Choti Sardarni,’ and he was there at the promo release. Nimrit enters the house, and Bigg Boss asks her to walk about. And distribute responsibilities and beds to the candidates that enter. Owing to her reputation as a convincing lawyer in real life.

Abdul Roziq is a Bigg Boss 16 2nd contestant.

The second contestant is Abdu, AKA Abdul Roziq, a 19-year-old boxer and singer from Kazakhstan. Salman Khan jokes with Abdu because his Hindi is a little weak. He can always use his fighting abilities when people fight inside.

Fateh and Tejo, a.k.a. Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta, make their BB16 debut.

Fateh and Tejo from the popular Colors TV program Udaariyan are the third set of candidates. Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta reveal that they are now not speaking, while Salman Khan laughs that a boy and a girl can’t just be friends, hinting that they are boyfriend and girlfriend in real life. Ankit admits to becoming nervous during relationship talks. And says that his and Priyanka’s connection has been tested but not their biology. Salman Khan puts them to the test by asking about their relationship status. And they both insist they are best friends. While they both enter the BB16 home, Khan Salman taunts them both. Stating they have so much romance in their eyes for one other.

Salman Khan is proud of MC Stan

The third contestant is MC Stan, who comes in full style, swag, and hip-hop style in front of Salman Khan. He sings his song ‘Basti Ka Hasti’ and calls Salman as ‘Bhai.’ MC Stan explains that his motivation for entering Bigg Boss is to practice meditation, gym, and detox, to which Salman laughs and wonders what if he becomes unstable inside the house. Altaf tells the story behind his mc stan sneakers. And claims it took him 3-4 years to get to where he is now. Salman Khan teases MC Stan by saying he will miss his girlfriend, Anam, whom he lovingly refers to as ‘Booba.’

Archana Gautam, a bikini model, enters Bigg Boss’ house with ‘Sil Batta.’

Archana Gautam, who also fought for MLA, is the next candidate, and Salman Khan introduces her as the “Bikini Model.” Gautam reveals that she is not afraid of anybody except attachment because she only had one lover who betrayed her. Salman Khan informs Archana Gautam that Hrithik Roshan is also here to see her, and Gautam Singh Vig, a well-known actor from Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, enters on stage.

Archana Gautam romances Gautam Vig On BB 16.

Gautam Vig says he’s here to find the actual ‘Mohabbat,’ while Salman Bhai introduces Archana as the bikini model to Gautam. Archana Gautam says she wants a partner who can romance her from behind and performs a romantic scene on stage with Gautam Vig. Salman gifts Archana her favorite ‘Sil Batta’ before entering the BB16 house since she cannot live without chutneys.

Bigg Boss scolds Nimrit Ahluwalia.

Later, Nimrit is called to the confession room by Bigg Boss. Who informs her that she has to give duties herself rather than asking the candidates what they want to do. BB is unhappy with Nimrit since she is not behaving as a leader and challenges her to prove herself.

Later, Archana laughs and says Abdul made a great decision by picking a single bed. Since someone may slap him in the middle of the night without recognizing him. Because of his small height.

Shalin Bhanot wishes to host Bigg Boss.

Shalin Bhanot is the next new contestant who says he wants to win Bigg Boss 16 but has never seen it. Salman Khan informs him that because Shalin doesn’t know how to do any home tasks, he shouldn’t expect to be given any.

Soundarya Sharma’s conflict with BB 16 Captain, Nimrit

Soundarya Sharma, a real-life dentist, claims she is here as an Alpha female and performs well, while Shiv Thakare, the Bigg Boss Marathi 2 champion, also joins the Bigg Boss 16 stage. Sondarya Sharma taunts Nimrit Ahluwalia for assigning her a bed, while Nimrit claims she has already been elected captain of the house.

Imlie steals the show on Bigg Boss 16,  Sumbul Touqeer wins Salman’s heart.

Imlie, a.k.a. Sumbul Touqeer, takes the stage with her ‘Chaka Chak’ act and admits that she is not anxious, but rather afraid of an angry Salman sir who appears on Weekend Ka Vaar. Sumbul reads poems penned by her father as he joins him on stage and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to stand side by side with Salman Khan. Salman Khan wishes Sumbul luck and advises her to be strong as the youngest Bigg Boss Season 16 contestant.

Archana Gautam’s angry reaction, BB16’s first fight

Inside the home, Manya requests that Nimrit move her bed since she is uncomfortable with the lighting, and Archana enters the conversation forcefully. However, Nimrit asks Archana what her problem is, while Manya says that she will just do cooking and not cleaning.

Manya later tells Archana not to react because it is their first day and Nimrit is the captain.

Salman Khan is blown away by Gori Nagori’s dancing.

Gori Nagori lights up the Bigg Boss stage with her Haryanvi dancing performance, and Salman Khan refers to her as “Haryana Ki Shakira.” Salman Khan greets her well and asks how he thought his performance went. Gori Nagori teaches Salman how to spin his stomach and belly dance. Gori admits she doesn’t speak English, but Salman says she may use this to her advantage in order to connect with the audience.

Sajid Khan, Confirmed Bigg Boss 16 Contestant, Fails to Succeed

Sajid Khan informs Salman that he has become arrogant and has not received a single work in the previous four years. He wishes to appear more modest and cringes at whatever he has said in previous interviews, hoping he could undo things. Sajid Khan says he will operate only on instinct.

Shehnaaz Gill Video Calls Sajid and Says “Faad Dena”

The lovely Shehnaz Gill, ex-Bigg Boss 13 contestant, wishes Sajid Khan luck, while Salman Khan advises Sajid to behave himself. Everyone in the house asks Sajid if he is a guest or a new contestant, and he says he is only here to live with everyone.

Bigg Boss 16 ends on October 1, 2022, Written Update


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