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Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Written Update Episode 2

Bigg Boss 16 Confirm Contestants List (Sumbul Touqeer, Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Choudhary, Gautam Vig, MC Stan, Sajid Khan), Bigg Boss Rules & Regulations:

Today’s Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 episode begins with Sajid Khan stunning everyone by joining the Bigg Boss Season 16 house.

Bigg Boss wants Sajid to be Abdul Roziq’s house translator.

The first day of Bigg Boss 16 is shocking for all of the contestants since the big boss announces that there will be no music to greet them in the morning.

Rather, the BB 16 contestants will require to read an oath to Bigg Boss every day.

Bigg Boss Season 16 2nd October 2022 Episode 2 Written Update:

Today’s Bigg Boss 16 (Day 0) 2nd October 2022 episode begins with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia separating the tasks, while Soundarya Sharma announces that she is a strict vegan and would not participate in any cooking activities.

Advantages of Smoking!

Sajid Khan claims that there are benefits to smoking cigarettes, including the fact that thieves will not steal in their homes and that they will not die suddenly, as smokers die slowly and in pain. Later, Bigg Boss tells Sajid to be Abdul Roziq’s house translator, and he agrees while showing him around the BB house. During dinner, Archana Gautam eagerly declares that she would prepare Biryani, while the other female contestants taunt and fun her.

Dispute over spilled milk

Archana tells Tina Dutta to be careful in the kitchen since she left the milk on the heat, which spilled. Tina, on the other hand, claims that she cleaned up and did not leave the milk on the burner, which causes an argument between the two.

Day 1 starts with the contestants waking up to dance music, followed by everyone attempting to start up a discussion and bond by discussing their reasons for being there. Later, Abdul is overjoyed since Big Boss has sent him smaller weights for his gym, while MC Stan explains his name to Tina, Gori Nagori, and Shiv Thakare.

Bigg Boss now becomes a villain!

Bigg Boss informs all of the contestants that they have chosen for this season because of their originality and that everything will be different from past seasons. All of the contestants are surprised when Bigg Boss discloses that there will be no music to welcome them in the morning, but rather an oath to Bigg Boss that the captain must ensure is spoken every morning.

Sajid’s failed attempt at controversy

Sajid questions Abdul about his money and attempts to spark a fuss, but Abdul stuns him by replying that he is not wealthy and has just recently purchased a home for their parents. Furthermore, Abdul discusses his growing-up hardships and impresses both Sajid and MC Stan.

A surprise Prank for the contestants!

‘Aamir Khan’ reportedly calls Salin Barot and demands that he jump into the pool three times. In addition, ‘Hritik Roshan summons Gautam Vig and forces him to undress and perform in the bedrooms for entertainment Nimrit switches Archana’s work from the kitchen to cleaning, which ferments their newfound relationship. ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ calls Tina Dutta and gives her the chore of singing with Abdul in the garden, which she joyfully accepts to the delight of the audience.

Nimrit, as per Archana, is a ‘BEKAR.’

Pankaj Tripathi calls Archana and tells her to write ‘bekar’ (useless) on the person of her choosing, which starts a debate and divides the members into two factions. Nimrit becomes emotional and covers her emotions while Priyanka Choudhary comforts her. At the same moment, Archana laughs over the phone and expresses gratitude for the opportunity. Following that, Bigg Boss calls Nimrit to the confession room and informs her that, as part of the changes, if he believes the captain is not doing their job correctly, he would fire them through phone call and the new captaincy process will begin immediately. All of the other contestants notice the news and console her, but Nimrit looks shocked.

Sajid’s odd behavior!

When the topic of cleaning their own dishes is brought up, Archana starts arguing again, but Sajid ignores her and her voice to Soundarya. At the same time, Gautam has annoyed by the way MC Stan talks to him and fights with him as the housemates solve their argument.

Tina and Sreejita De’s split

Bigg Boss calls Tina and Sreejita to the confession room and asks them to clarify their relationship since they stated on stage that they are friends but the media claims they are not on speaking terms. Sreejita admits to Tina that she did mention something to the media about her being controlling, which stuns Tina and leaves her speechless.


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