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Bigg Boss 16 3rd November 2022 Written Update, Episode 34, Day 34

Today’s Bigg Boss 16 3rd November reality show (day 34) starts with Shalin Bhanot keeps asking for chicken from Bigg Boss, which annoys the other housemates.

Tina Datta also asks Bigg Boss to give Shalin his chicken because he keeps talking about it all night. Bigg Boss invites Shalin to the confession room for an uncomfortable discussion.

Inside the confession room, Bigg Boss 16 tells Shalin that he has enough chicken for a week and that he would not be getting any extra chicken every day.

Following that, Archana Gautam keeps yelling that the housemates (particularly Shalin) have only come to the BB House to eat and are making it appear as if Bigg Boss is not giving them enough food.

Archana says that they don’t need guys like him in the Bigg Boss house since they aren’t there to fight.

Later, Bigg Boss 16 announces that the captaincy task has started and instructs the previous house captains, Nimrit, Shiv, Archana, and Gautam, to make Priyanka and Tina do anything they want and reveal who they believe should be the new captain among those two.

What fresh steps will Shalin take to get the chicken from MC Stan now that he has enough chicken for the week? Who will be the new Bigg Boss house captain? Tina Datta or Priyanka Choudhary?

Download Bigg Boss 16 on 3rd November or watch BB 16 complete episode online at voot.com to know more.

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