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Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Written Update Episode 5

Today’s Bigg Boss 16 episode (Day 5) begins with all of the contestants waking up and singing the BB16 Anthem. While cooking breakfast, Abdu sings to Soundarya, and they both do a joyful dance in front of Archana Gautam, laughing and enjoying themselves. Bigg Boss announces a task for them and informs Abdu and MC Stan that they will be competing against each other.

Shiv vs. Sumbul

Bigg Boss informs the contestants that Imlie, AKA Sumbul Touqueer, will be MC’s manager and Shiv Thakare will be Abdu’s manager and that they will have to try and convince other contestants to sign the No Objection board in the garden for the contestant they are representing, as well as create a reel with the signing participants.

Kili Paul Moves Abdu to Dance!

In addition, Bigg Boss reveals that he would send Internet Star Kili Paul to assist the competitors with the job and in creating reels. Kili Paul smiles with everyone as he dances with Abdu Rozik, who calls himself “Chotu Bhaijaan.” Furthermore, all of the contestants join Paul in dancing to Bollywood music that he knows.

Sumbul Touqeer wins the task by defeating Shiv Thakare.

As the task begins, Sumbul convinces the majority of the players to sign MC’s board, whilst Shiv fails to acquire the sign and finally loses. Bigg Boss says that it is time for Paul to leave and wishes him goodbye, following which he announces that MC Stan and Sumbul have won the assignment, as well as the right to pick which housemate will live in which room. Most of the contestants say that it is Sumbul’s victory, not MC’s, because the housemates signed only for her.

Gautam Vig pulls Abdu in his arms to apologize.

Gautam Vig picks up Abdu and takes him away from the other candidates, apologizing to him. Abdu tells him not to apologize, while Gautam says that it is not his fault because he did not choose Abdu as his bed partner because of other contestants. Simultaneously, other contenders are debating who will pair with whom. Manya Singh then argues with Soundarya Sharma over breakfast and unnecessarily attacks her.

Gautam refers to Manya Singh as a TV Vamp.

Later, Gautam takes Manya aside and tells her that he knows she is not like this and that she should not behave like a Vamp to attract the attention of the audience, but rather act like themselves.

Is Sumbul Touqeer dating Shalin Bhanot?

Tina Dutta, on the other side, takes Shalin Bhanot to the glass room and tells him she has a question for him. Tinna asks him whether he’s in a relationship with Sumbul Touqueer, and he refuses, while Sumbul enters and agrees with Shalin.

Archana Gautam vs. Manya

Meanwhile, Archana Gautam disrespects Manya by telling her that many girls win Miss India and that she is not unique. Later, Bigg Boss orders Sumbul and MC Stan to reveal who would live in which room. Sumbul, on the other hand, makes a typo when stating names and asks Bigg Boss if she may correct it. Bigg Boss says that it was a mistake on her side and that the designated would remain in the position she said initially despite the error. Sumbul too feels terrible and cries while Shalin, Soundarya, and Shreejita console her, explaining that it was an honest mistake.

MC Stan puts Abdu under the bus, and Abdu picks a fight jokingly.

Later that night, Abdu raps about MC Stan being his friend, and Sajid Khan asks him if he would leave his lover for Stan. Abdu claims he will let go of his feelings for MC since they are friends, but MC insists he will not because love is a priority for him. Abdu acts betrayed and performs drama, while Sajid and MC reward him by joyfully laughing.

MC Stan Cry Because of Shiv Thakare.

Shiv Thakare, Gori Nagori, Sajid, and MC Stan are sitting together discussing after that, and Shiv begins a fight with MC, accusing him of being cruel. Shiv shouts at him and gets personal, saying he would buy poor people like him and have them stand outside his house. The roommates separate them and attempt to calm MC, who keeps saying how wrong this was. Shiv, on the other hand, shows even more arrogance in front of Gautam, ordering him to keep out of topics he doesn’t understand. Later, when he notices MC crying, he changes his whole attitude and hugs him, explaining that he never intended to hurt him.

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