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Bigg Boss 16 6th November 2022 Written Update, Episode 37, Day 37

Today’s Bigg Boss 16 6th November reality show (day 37) starts with Archana Gautam telling Sumbul Touqueer that her attitude is the reason she isn’t advancing in the show or the film.

Sumbul becomes angry as she tells Archana to look up her name and discover who she is before talking about where she is and is not going.

The debate gets heated as Archana refuses to back down from the fight. Furthermore, when Archana yells that the daughter who didn’t listen to her father will not listen to anyone, the housemates try to calm Sumbul and remove her from the room.

Sumbul sees red and runs to Archana’s bed, jumping on it and warning Archana not to mention her father again. The following day (Day 37), all of the candidates woke up and sing the BB Anthem as usual.

Furthermore, Abdu Rozik is lying down alongside Sajid Khan as the rooster crows. Archana laughs as she mocks Abdu and tells him to fulfill his job as a captain correctly. Archana continues to laugh as she teases Abu and his abilities as a captain.

Abdu, his rage boiling, informs Archana that her tongue has gone long because she is talking so much following Salman Khan’s scolding. Instead of having the expected impact on Abdu, Archana begins to laugh and mocks him even more.

After having had enough of Archana’s everyday drama, Abdu informs her that he is punishing her and orders her to enter the jail when she refuses. The housemates have stunned since this is the first time the sweet and cute has become angry.

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