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Bigg Boss 16 7th October 2022 Written Update Episode 7

The Bigg Boss contestants woke up to the sound of sirens and made a line in the garden to sing the Bigg Boss Anthem.

Salman Khan in Sukravaar Ka Vaar

Salman provides Abdu with light weights for his training. Salmon becomes inquisitive about the attributes Abdu seeks in a woman. Selman congratulates Nimrit on her leadership after Abdu. As a captain, Nimrit experienced several obstacles due to the temperaments of the members. Salman brings up Buba with MC Stan, while Archana is teased for “Silbatta.”

Behen Chugali Karein Aao Gori Nagori whispers in Salman’s ear, but she is shy. Salman enlightens us on why girls are so insecure.

Sumbul Touqueer vs. Gori Nagori

Gori sings “Gori Nachee” to everyone as Sumbul dances on Param Sundari. Only Shalin, Shreetija, Gautam, and Tinna dance with Sumbul.

Invitees Selected

Salman invites ten people to the delectable cuisine feast. Salman chooses one, and the chosen one chooses another. He chooses Abdu. Abdu chooses Nimrit, who asks Gautam. Shalin is invited by Gautam. Shalin welcomes Sumbul and invites Tinna. Then Soundarya and MC Stan arrive, and he calls Sajid. Shiv joins in later, after voting. Salman says Gautam is a copy, not an original. He requests that he be genuine and not play the game of past participants.

Shreejita and Manya are fighting.

Manya Singh and Srijita De fought in the BB16 house, where Manya brands Sreejita a TV “shaitaan” and wonders who she is in front of Manya, who has been India’s ambassador as a Miss India runner-up. Salman Khan chastises Gautam for being unoriginal and instructs him to shed his acting ego while playing the game. Everyone starts to eat, and Abdu dives right into the delicious chicken. Tinna Dutta informs Salman Khan that two teams have been created, one with Ankit and Priyanka and the other with her, Gautam, Sumbul, and Nimrit.

Imlie is Complain Chachi of BB16 House.

On the other hand, Sumbul says she is not a team player, and Salman Khan refers to her as a “complain Chachi.” Sumbul claims that everyone treats her like a child, while Salman hints that the people she is sitting close only see her as a child, a subtle dig at Tina. Nimrit also informs Salman that she speaks to everyone, but Priyanka is the only one with whom she has not had a genuine conversation. Nimrit further mentions that Ankit is not able to interact with others because of his love for Priyanka. Salman Khan then asks Mc Stan who is acting and who is taking the most footage. Stan says Gautam ate the footage on the day he and Shiv fought while Shalin was acting. Salman chastises MC Stan, saying he doesn’t want to see Stan leave the home in just one week.

Scolds, Salman Shalin Bhanot

Salman then takes Shalin’s class and angrily tells him not to be a counselor since he advise is bad and the Bigg Boss 16 house does not operate or revolve around him. Gautam Vig then tells Mc Stan that he just came to see him because Stan was crying and he began to sense Stan’s pain. However, Salman Khan stops Gautam and warns everyone not to fling phrases like “I have seen enough” and “I have done a lot of hard work” since everyone does it and it is not to be proven publicly.

Salman shows a tape to the ten contestants and asks Sajid to dub it. The footage shows Ankit, who appears to be bored while seated between Manya and Priyanka. Sajid labels Ankit’s voice, stating he appears to want to go home. Outside, the mood in the home remains tense as a result of Manya and Srijeeta’s dispute.

Before saying goodbye, Salman Khan advises everyone to be unique. Later, Gautam and Mc Stan reunite when Gautam says he couldn’t see Stan in tears. Sajid Khan questions Nimrit about Priyanka and Ankit’s relationship late at night. Nimrit believes Ankit has platonic love for her, while Priyanka is too attached.

Tina and Shalin’s argument over a new love story?

Meanwhile, Gautam shows his frustration by questioning why everyone blames him for “groupism” when they all do the same thing. Before heading to bed, Shalin and Tina argue when Tina tells Shalin that he is giving her trust issues with Sreejita. Shalin, on the other hand, storms off, saying that only Tina has a problem in this house.


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