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Cartoon Network trends after the Warner Brothers merger. See Memes and Reactions

Cartoon Network shutting down

The news of mergers within Warner Bros. Television Group following the merger, as well as many layoffs from the Cartoon Network crew, has left fans worried about the popular animation studio’s future.

In Short

  • Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios are in the process of merging.
  • The news of layoffs at Cartoon Network studios upset viewers.
  • People rushed to Twitter with the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork.

Warner Bros. has laid off 82 employees in various divisions such as animation, screenplay, and so on. The merger of Cartoon Network Studio and Warner Bros. was recently announced by the company.

Warner Bros. Discovered and denied the shutdown of Cartoon Network Studios, calling the claims false. The business also stated that Cartoon Network will continue to be offered despite employee layoffs.

Warner Bros. laid off around 82 people working in various domains such as animation, and scripted and unscripted divisions in a recent memo. It comes after the business revealed plans to combine Cartoon Network Studio and Warner Bros. Channel into a single organization under the Warner Bros. brand.

According to media sources, Warner Bros. Television is looking for new employees and hopes to reorganize its business model.

Cartoon Network Studios’ most recent round of changes coincides with some of their animated series being less accessible to viewers. Furthermore, Cartoon Network ratings have been declining for some time; according to Nielsen statistics, viewership will be down by 26% in 2021.

Netizens React with Emotional Memes

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