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Dhamaka: kartik Aryan starrer Dhamaka gives you an insight of TRP hungry media


Netflix’s thriller starring Kartik Aaryan movie was recently released and has left fans in a whirlwind. The movie is a remake of the Korean film ‘The Terror Live’. It takes us on a journey about the corrupted and twisted mind of media. It can be seen as a dig to the TRP hungry media who can go to any extent to gather news.

There are a lot of questions that have been answered here like “Do journalists have hearts?”, “Everything is fair for the sake of TRP?”.

Dhamaka is a critique of the media industry and yellow journalism which is using unethical and unlawful practices to increase sales via eye-catching headlines.

The movie revolves around Arjun Pathak (Kartik Aaryan) getting downgraded to the radio. He receives a call from a bomber as a golden ticket to reclaim his lost fame. The bomber threatens to blow up the Bandra – Worli Sea Link unless he gets a public apology from the minister.

Within a few minutes, there is a huge blast and the landmark bridge goes tumbling down. The caller wants a public apology from a minister who was responsible for the death of three people.

Was that too many spoilers? The movie is worth watching even if you know the entire story kyunki “picture Abhi Baki h mere dost”.

‘Dhamaka is the remake of the Korean film “The Terror Live” which was released way back in 2013 where collisions between TV channels for more power and money led to the suffering of the common people. This movie calls out the right people at the right time and shows the real truth of the attention-hungry media. The movie clearly depicts the unempathetic, twisted face of the media. The hard-edged TV channel boss Subhash barks at her colleagues to go live irrespective of the situation.


The movie received love and support from the fans widely. Everyone praised Kartik Aaryan for his spectacular breakthrough performance and termed “Dhamaka” as one of his best movies of all time. The storylines were greatly appreciated as well, the real face of the media was portrayed very well. The lust for power and attention causes a lot of misery among the common people.


The movie received a lot of love and support from its fans and was widely appreciated but, received a lot of critics as well. The lack of urgency, terror, and tension can be clearly seen in the movie. The breaking news situation, the tragedy unfolding behind the bridge, the action happening in the newsroom none of it seems real. Everything either seems too exaggerated or too bland seeming to miss out on a few bits and pieces.


Ram Madhavni is widespread for his ability to bring characters to life and keep the audience hooked till the last phase ending with a dramatic scene. The creator of masterpieces like “Neerja” and “Aarya” has once again not failed to bring out the deeply hidden truth behind the media industry. The continuous bootlicking by the employees to keep their jobs safe, pressure from the public, and the manipulative world of media.

The ability to bring out such a complex character to life was certainly a challenging task with only a few days at hand, nevertheless, Kartik Aaryan has not failed us with his marvellous performance. The start of the film was a beautiful contrast to the narrative. The music keeps you hooked to your screen and the narrative starts with a bang.

The ending could have been improved a bit. It felt as though the ending was rushed with less emphasis on the overall story. Its unconventional climax may not appeal to everyone but the plotline overall captures the attention of the audience and keeps them entertained.

The supporting cast does not fail to disappoint us as well. Amrutha Subhash, playing the role of the greedy and ruthless boss is top-notch. She portrayed the character beautifully and leaves the audience in absolutely utter disgust. Mrunal Thakur with her short 10-minute appearance leaves the audience in awe.

“The only thing that separates good from excellence is an execution”.

Ram Madhvani’s ability to handle such a sensitive topic and present it to the audience was definitely noteworthy. The performance of the crew, actors, supporting casts fit the whole narrative beautifully.

Kartik Aaryan hosted another preview of his film for his celebrity films after hosting Ayushmann Khurana and others, at a special screening. Various stars like Imitiaz Ali, Freddy, Alaya F, Youtube star Bhuvan Bam and fashion designer Manish Malhotra and Rohit Dhawan attended the special occasion.

We loved the movie for sure. It was widely loved by stars, YouTubers, and many more. Let’s view their reaction:


  1. Ramesh Taurani –   Ramesh Turani a veteran producer called it an amazing movie and congratulated “Kartik Aaryan”.
  2. Ashwini Yardi –  Producer Ashwini Yardi termed it as an “edge of the seat” thriller. She praised Kartik’s stellar act and also gave a shoutout via her Instagram to other fellow actors like Mrunal Thakur and Amruta Subhash.
  3.  Daboo Ratnani – Celebrity photographer Daboo Ratnani was all praises for the movie and called the movie “super gripping”, “must watch” and a lot more via his Instagram page. He even shared a picture with Kartik and praised him for his “killer performance”.
  4. Ayushman Khuranna and Tahira Kashyap –  The couple poured in their love for the film calling it a “dhamakedaar” movie and also praising everyone for their incredible performances. They also called the movie “lovely, thrilling and courageous” and said it a “must watch for everyone”.

The film continues to receive a lot of love and support from other Fellow Celebrities and audiences. A lot of them took to their Instagram handle to congratulate the star and other fellow actors for their wonderful performances.


  1. Filmi Indian

She was all praises for the movie “Dhamaka” calling it one of the best movies of all time. She further states that it is a must-watch for all the content lovers out there and is going to be a huge hit. The film is a remake of an old Korean film but still continues to encapsulate the mind of the reader and isn’t like other old -crappy Bollywood movies with over-dramatic scenes, too many songs, and a bad storyline.

After a long time, a new story will be presented in front of the readers. The scene begins with action and has been greatly appreciated for exposing the harsh truth of media. The different techniques media people use to play with our mind and in the end, we are the ones clapping on their beat.

The main character was presented as a villain in the show and it takes a lot of effort to present the hero as the bad person and still keep people glued to the screen. Nothing less could be expected from the maker of the infamous movie “Neerja”.

The bone-chilling performance, unexpected turns, and beautiful way of handling such a sensitive topic was commendable. The most sneaky part was the trailer. Anyone who watches the trailer will still be surprised by the unexpected turns and twists in the movie.

Kartik Aaryan, Amrita Subhash, and Mrunal Thakur’s acting were eye-catching during the entire movie. If only the movie wasn’t completely copied from the original movie and was improvised even a little bit, it would have turned out to be even better.

The reaction of the public along with the reaction of the reporters would have caused double “Dhamaka”.

Little emphasis on tiny details and leaving a ton of parts to the public’s imagination. She rated the movie ⅘ stars.

Youtube Channel: – https://www.youtube.com/c/FilmiIndian/videos

2. Tried & Refused Productions –

Kartik Aaryan’s signing films with creators like Ram Madhvani and Hansal Mehta proved that he is on the lookout for re-defining himself as a performer.

Dhamaka is one of those films, an interesting and offbeat combination of Kartik and Madhvani that interests viewers whether he can prove himself outside of the common next-door boy who gained his fame by appearing in comedy movies.

The film is available on Netflix and is a remake of the 2013 South Korean movie “terror live” and focuses on a journalist played by Kartik Aaryan, a man who has been demoted from hosting a tv show to hosting a radio show with the same channel. As the story moves forward, the motive of the caller gets slowly unwinds.

This movie can neither be fully praised nor can it be completely dismissed. This movie is a scene-to-scene remake of the South Korean film and cannot be dismissed or accepted.

The movie wastes no time in hiding behind the bush but comes forward with a bang and keeps the viewer hanging till the last moment. The film has its offbeat moments in the way but is worth being a part of your mandatory watchlist.

The substandard quality of dialogues written by Punit Sharma and ram madhvani can be seen in the movie. The extremely generic and basic dialogues are sometimes difficult to listen to and there is no attempt to reinvent the movie in any way other than the bridge changing its location and everything being shot in Mumbai. The characters portrayed seem a bit too exaggerated and rudimentary.

Last but the least, he praises the team for the effort but also tells us to not set the bar too high as the movie made minimum effort to set itself apart from an exceptional film.

Youtube Channel: – https://www.youtube.com/c/TriedRefusedProductions

3. Shan Prasher –

Dhamaka seemed like a promising film but only for the first 40 minutes, the ending was too rushed with absurd dialogues in between. The movie starts with a beautiful song that takes us back to his bittersweet memories about his relationship.

The movie quickly jumps to the next scene which demonstrates the harsh reality of the newsroom where news is manufactured and how sentiments are used as a weapon to sell stories to the public. He continues to narrate the story further.

Kartik Aaryan plays a very good role in the scene when he gets to know that his earpiece contains a bomb. The acting of the entire crew is good but things don’t align with one another. When the mic blasts on the anchor’s face, no policeman, no anti-terrorist squad comes to the rescue. Mind you, everything is happening live, in front of thousands of people but no one appears in the studio. (Bole toh jyda overdramatic?)

The most exaggerated parts were when the caller hacked the radio station, monitors the activities within the studio, planted multiple bombs in the Mumbai sea link, and even after multiple efforts the anti-terrorism squad is unable to find him (Yeh bohot jyda talented insaan h yrr).

Overall, dhamaka challenged Kartik aaryan to get out of his comfort zone and present something new to the audience but, on the other hand, the screenplay could have been more sound. There were parts in the movie, which had no direct answer to them and were a bit over the top.

Youtube Channel: –https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVZapV0958xAUsCctF_ED4w


Woah! We made it. That was one heck of a review, wasn’t it? The movie was even a remake of a Korean movie ( Your ears are probably bleeding by reading it so many times lol) but it certainly is worth watching. It is a bit exaggerated but it gives you an insight into the world of journalism and how the newsroom functions. We are so used to watching Kartik Aaryan as the sweet boy next door but, this movie really did challenge him out of his comfort zone. The acting was not exceptional but, it wasn’t bad either. It surprised me to see him perform so well in this role. The movie did have plenty of loopholes and there were moments you would have trouble figuring out and it also would have been better if the movie was altered a bit rather than copying and pasting the entire script. The characters played by Amruta Subhash, Mrunal Thakur, and Kartik Aaryan really stood out for me

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