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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 13th september 2023 Written Serial Update

Episode 457: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Serial Written Update: GHKKPM 13th September 2023 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 13th September 2023 Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM) Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 13th September 2023 starts with  Bapuji and Ashwini start preparing for Sai and Ishan’s wedding. They buy a beautiful saree for Sai and a luxurious sherwani for Ishan. Both asks about Sai and Ishan’s preferences and buy clothes according to them. Sai and Ishan altogether start preparing for their wedding. They plan the wedding rituals and ceremonies together with their respective families. They choose their favorite songs and invite their friends and relatives to the wedding.

Sai and Ishan’s wedding day arrives. They are both very happy and excited to start their new life. The wedding ceremony is very grand and pompous. Bapuji and Ashwini are very happy that their grandson and granddaughter have got married. They bless Sai and Ishan and wish them a happy and prosperous life.

After Sai and Ishan’s marriage, they move to their new house. They spend their first night together and fall even deeper in love with each other. They promise each other that they will always be with each other and will always support each other.

On the other hand, it has been a few months since Virat and Pakhi got married, but they are still not happy with each other. Virat is deeply hurt by Pakhi’s indifference. He wants to express his feelings to her, but he is afraid that he will offend her.

One day, Virat and Pakhi go to a party. At the party, Virat learns about Sai and Ishan’s marriage. He is very happy and congratulates Sai. Pakhi gets jealous seeing Virat’s happiness. She is jealous of Sai and wants to humiliate him.

After the party, Virat wants to talk to Pakhi, but she ignores him. Virat feels very sad. He loves Pakhi, but he is unable to make her happy.

Here, Sai and Ishan are happy in their married life. They love each other very much and always support each other. Both are excited to make a new start in their lives. They move to their new house and start living their lives in a new way. Ishan and Sai cook for each other, wash clothes for each other, and spend time with each other. They are very happy and fall even deeper in love with each other.

Next Episode:

  • Sai and Ishan are very happy in their new life. They take great care of each other and do everything possible to make each other happy.
  • Tension increases between Virat and Pakhi. Pakhi hates Sai and Ishan’s happiness and tries to bring them down in every possible way.
  • Sai and Ishan have children. They love their children very much and want to give them a good life.

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