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Imlie 11 July 2022 Written Update

Imlie 11th July 2022 written update: Upcoming Story

Imlie 11th episode (11 July 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming stories from Star Plus.

The Imlie Show begins with Imlie and Aryan becoming emotional after discovering the baby in a fake NGO.

After seeing the kids crying there, Imlie started singing for them, but the kids started crying more, so Aryan stopped Imlie from singing.

Imlie asked Aryan to dance for the kids. He kept resisting, but in the end, he danced.

And surprisingly, the kids stopped crying. Imlie sent guards and nurses away by saying that this was part of the inspection.

Imlie started distracting guards and nurses. Meanwhile, Aryan began picking up the babies one by one and placing them in strollers.

Then Imlie asked Aryan to take some rest and leave Gudiya as she would cradle her.

Suddenly, guards recognized her, but she was all set to defend herself in advance.

She defended herself bravely and attacked all the guards one by one with the help of a hot iron rod and electrical wires.

Then on the spot where Imlie was defending herself from guards, the police and the family of the kidnapped baby arrived there, and after seeing them, the guard backed off.

Imlie and Aryan get back home. Where Narmada was praying for them. Imlie told Narmada the whole story and told her how much danger Gudiya got into today.

Then afterward, I asked Narmada if she would be able to find Gudiya’s real parents and if she would be able to adopt her.

Neela came between their conversations and started opposing and said no to allowing them to raise gudiya in their house. whereas Arpita and Sundar were on the side of Imlie.

Imlie then asked Narmada to allow her to take care of the gudiya with all her love, care, and affection.

Narmada then asked Aryan to start the adoption process as she was so happy. In the meantime, Malini enters the scene and informs Imlie that Gudiya is her daughter.

What do you think is Neela again playing any game or is Malini saying the truth?

Stay tuned for more information on show spoilers, upcoming story news, and the latest gossip. And follow the show only on Start Plus and Hotstar.

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