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Imlie 15th September 2022 Written Episode

Imlie 15th September 2022 written Episode: Upcoming Twist

Imlie 15th September 2022 written episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written update from Star Plus.

The Imlie show starts with  Malini insulting AryLie and accusing Imlie of eliminating her humanity and turning her into a villain. Meanwhile, Malini explains all of her schemes up to this point. And Aryan grips Imlie hard and place his palm on her bump. At the same time, Imlie recalls discovering Cheeni. While Malini describes her jealously at the moment and admits she tossed the ball on which Imlie stumbled 5 years earlier.

Everyone is shocked when they hear Malini’s statements, and Aryan warns Malini about the consequences of her actions. Following that, Aryan sends everyone home and departs with Imlie and Cheeni. Imlie informs Malini that Cheeni is a part of her humanity and that she is taking this fragment with her and will not let her (Malini’s) shadow touch Cheeni.

Outside the venue, Narmada is crying for Chiku and is happy to see Imlie and demands that she return home. However, Aryan informs Narmada that Imlie has another person in her life and cannot accompany them. Hearing Aryan’s statements, Cheeni admits to giving AryLie the special sharbat in the pandal.

Cheeni informs him that they (Aryan and Imlie) spent the entire evening together in the cabin. Shocked Aryan recounts the incredible night, as Narmada mocks him and takes Imlie with her. Aryan is standing stunned at the gate entry to Rathore’s house when Cheeni taunts him, stating that two beautiful females and a baby are waiting in front of his house and asking him to welcome them. Meanwhile, Aryan borrows Narmada’s aarti thali and performs Imlie and Cheeni’s aarti.

Following that, Aryan gently guides Imlie inside, and she expresses her appreciation to Neela and Preeta for their assistance in defeating Malini. Neela hugs Imlie and tells her that she and Preeta are about to leave Rathore’s residence. Imlie is sitting in the rocking chair at night, writing poetry, while Aryan is admiring her from afar but accidentally smashes into a pot. Aryan comes up to Imlie and sits on his knees, holding her hand and resting his head on her hand. Meanwhile, Aryan apologizes to Imlie, but she demands that he bear 50% of the blame. Imlie compares Aryan and her to stone and glass, while they are compared to fire and ice. Aryan tells Imlie that he would not abandon her till he dies.

Stay tuned for show spoilers, upcoming story news, and the latest gossip. And follow the show only on Start Plus and Hotstar.

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