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Imlie 16 July 2022 Written Update

Imlie 16th July 2022 written update: Upcoming Twist

Imlie 16th July 2022 written episode (16 July 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming stories from Star Plus.

The show starts with a lady from the adoption center arriving at Ilie’s house with a bunch of kids following her.

Malini became concerned after seeing that lady.

Neela tried to send the kids away from her, but Arpita stopped her. Imlie asked Pandit Ji to start Pooja. 

When everyone closed their eyes for Pooja, Malini slipped out to everybody and left the baby, and ran away. 

Imlie noticed her actions and asked the lady from the orphanage to follow the Malini.

The lady reached out to Malini, but Malini told the lady to shut her mouth and not to tell anybody. The lady agreed to keep her mouth shut.

After sending her, Ilie didn’t find something right. So she herself goes to check on it. 

Afterward, Aryan went behind Imlie as he saw both Imlie and Malini were missing.

Aryan stopped Imlie while Imlie asked for her to go.

Aryan says to Imlie that you promised to take care of herself, me, and Chiku. Instead of agreeing, Imlie asked Aryan to take care of Gudiya and give Gudiya into Aryan’s hand. 

Imlie follows the Malini.

And Imlid saw Veena counting the money given by Malini.

Imlie was shocked to see her. Whereas Malini told me that now Veena is on my side.

In Pooja Anu, she starts a fire and pretends to be scared.

Aryan ran after noticing the fire in the room. And leave out the gudiya in the stroller.

Aryan was heading towards rescuing everyone. 

Suddenly, Malini sends a girl to stop him by asking for help to rescue her brother.

Imlie came and put the fire extinguisher on the fire and successfully stopped the fire.

On the other hand, Gudiya was alone; nobody was there. Malini threw a ball toward her stroller because of which the stroller was going to fall. 

 Aryan ran towards the stroller while, on the other hand, Imlie also ran.

Aryan asked Imlie to not run, but Imlie ignored Aryan’s request.

Imlie continued running towards the stroller, but Aryan was successful in stopping Gudiyas’s stroller from falling. He got mad at Imlie for not listening to him.

Malini has thrown the ball under Imlie’s feet too. Because of the ball, her feet slipped and she fell down the stairs.

Imlies’ head started bleeding, and she got really bad injuries. Aryan got numb after seeing Imlie in that condition.

Everyone ran towards Imlie to save her. 

While Aryan thought that Imlie broke the promise that she made to him, Aryan then picks up Imlie in his arms and takes her away. 

Anu and Malini start to smile after seeing Imlie in this condition.

As their plan was successful,

Stay tuned for show spoilers, upcoming story news, and the latest gossip.

And follow the show only on Start Plus and Hotstar.

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