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Imlie 16th September 2022 Written Episode

Imlie 16th September 2022 written Episode: Upcoming Twist

Imlie 16th September 2022 written episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written update from Star Plus.

The Imlie show starts with Aryan inquiring as to what Imlie was writing in her journal. And Imlie responds that she was writing poetry for the baby. Meanwhile, Aryan taunts Imlie into giving him something, and Imlie inquires as to what the baby’s father wants. Aryan places his brow on her and declares that he only wants the baby’s mother. Imlie screams in agony, and Aryan asks, panicked, what happened?

Imlie yells at Aryan in anguish, “Billi ka Viah” (cat marriage), and Aryan realizes Imlie is in labor. Panicked Aryan fumbles and hands Imlie water, but then takes her glass and drinks it himself. Imlie informs Aryan that he deals with world-class individuals and that he need not be concerned about the arrival of his child. Aryan calms down and announces that the baby is on its way. Anu, on the other hand, is terrified when she witnesses Malini taking sleeping medication. Malini tells Anu that she is not ending her own life and that all she wants is to sleep soundly because tomorrow is a big day.

Meanwhile, Malini tells Anu that Aditya’s devotion became her weakness, but she is no longer so timid. Aryan is scared in the hospital, while Imlie is in labor. Simultaneously, a baby’s piercing cry heard, and the doctor informs them that Imlie has given birth to a baby girl. The Rathore family’s joy knows no bounds, and they rush inside the chamber. When Aryan enters the room, he begins to cry while holding his kid and kisses Imlie’s forehead, while “Ae Dil Laya Hai Bahaar” plays in the background.

Later, Imlie introduces Cheeni to the infant, but Cheeni cuts her off and starts talking to the newborn girl. The next morning, Imlie and Aryan notify the family that they have decided to name Cheeni after the Rathore family. Aryan says that the child and Cheeni shall be known as “The Rathore sisters.” Malini wakes up in her room after an 18-hour nap, and Anu asks whether she’s okay. Imlie, on the other hand, thanks Sita Maiya’s idol for reconnecting her with the Rathore family.

Imlie remembers and admires the penny her Dada gave her and tells her she will do everything for her mother and Dada. Anu wants Malini to forget Imlie and regrets training her daughter to hate Imlie in Malini’s room. Anu offers that Malini go overseas with her, but Malini tells her that she has to finish her present chapter of life before beginning a new one. Hearing Malini’s statements, Anu becomes afraid and wonders what she would do, and Malini, with a psychotic smile, says she will leave AryLie’s life with a bang.

Stay tuned for show spoilers, upcoming story news, and the latest gossip. And follow the show only on Start Plus and Hotstar.

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