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Imlie 27th August 2022 Written Episode

Imlie 27th August 2022 written Episode: Upcoming Twist

Imlie 27th August 2022 written episode (27 august 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming written update from Star Plus.

The Imlie show starts with the Rathore family searching for Cheeni with concern. Meanwhile, Anu declares that Malini’s Ladoo Gopal has gone missing and accuses Cheeni of stealing it and fleeing to sell it. Imlie screams at Mrs. Chaturvedi to stop talking. Meanwhile, Malini yells at Imlie not to yell at her mother. Imlie, on the other hand, retaliates, claiming Cheeni is only a 5-year-old girl who doesn’t know the difference between gold and silver.

Aryan then walks into the hall and shows Imlie the CCTV footage. Cheeni has accused by Neela, but Arpita confronts her. However, Narmada intervenes, stating that the people who took Cheeni out of the house are not their guests. Aryan calls the cops and threatens Anu not to speak ill of his Sugar. Imlie collapses on the floor, worried, while Aryan assures her that he will find Cheeni as soon as possible. Malini’s friends, on the other hand, take Cheeni to a basement and bind her hands.

Cheeni tells the goon she has a Laddo in her pocket and bargains with him to open her hands in exchange for Ladoo. Cheeni pushes the goon and runs cheekily with the idol in her hands as he opens the rope. Meanwhile, police have placed the case on hold for 24 hours. At the same time, Malini cheerfully answers the phone, expecting good news, but instead learns that Cheeni has fled.

When Imlie notices Malini’s distress, she grabs her phone, but Malini lies and claims she was watching the CCTV footage again. Imlie, on the other hand, notices something and runs to Aryan, revealing that Cheeni has been abducted after being picked up by force. Aryan decides to go find Cheeni, but Malini convinces him to wait 24 hours because she does not want him to find Cheeni.

In the meantime, Imlie joins Aryan in the search, while Cheeni flees for her life. Cheeni is being pursued by the goons while hiding behind the wall. Imlie recalls that Cheeni is always carrying her phone with her. Removing Aryan’s phone Imlie discovers that Aryan has not saved her phone number with the nickname “Junglee…” Aryan, on the other hand, says he doesn’t want to remember her by that nickname.

Imlie locates Cheeni by tracking her phone. Meanwhile, Cheeni recalls she has Imlie’s phone number and dials it. However, the goons grab Cheeni’s phone and drag her away from the scene, tossing the phone on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, Aryan and Imlie pass by the car in which Cheeni has been kidnapped by goons.

Stay tuned for show spoilers, upcoming story news, and the latest gossip. And follow the show only on Start Plus and Hotstar.

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