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Imlie 28th October 2022 Written Episode

Imlie 28th October 2022 written Episode: Upcoming Twist

Imlie 28th October 2022 written episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written update from Star Plus.

The Imlie show starts with  Cheeni stopping Imlie’s question to Atharva about why he took Cheeni’s name. Cheeni expresses concern about Imlie and wonders whether she is all right. Imlie asks about Cheeni’s injury after seeing her injured leg, and Cheeni replies that she slid off the staircase when the goons shot her. When Atharva saw Cheeni falling, he yelled her name in freight.

Later, when Cheeni walks down a silent corridor, Atharva pulls her into a corner. Atharva confronts Cheeni for not standing with him in his bridal lengha, while Imlie risks her life for him. Cheeni, on the other hand, takes Atharva’s hand and takes him to the truth. She claims she would lose her mother’s part if she marries him, and Atharva stops her. Cheeni tells Atharva she told Imlie the truth and accuses Imlie of blackmailing her in Rathore’s name.

Atharva, on the other hand, does not trust Cheeni because Imlie took a bullet for him. Cheeni is shocked by Atharva’s belief in Imlie, so she creates accusations against her. Simultaneously, Anu comes and tells Atharva that Imlie was never in danger since she faked the entire shooting incident to earn his sympathy. Downstairs, the MLA and his bodyguards apologize to Imlie, whom she forgives after lecturing them on humanity.

Imlie pays the bodyguards financially for their injuries. At the same moment, Atharva notices Imlie giving them the money from the balcony and looks up in surprise. Meanwhile, Anu recalls calling the police on MLA bodyguards and then taking them to Imlie to apologize to her, while Arto misreads the situation. The flashbacks end and Anu tells Cheeni to take advantage of the situation. Cheeni walks over to Arto, crying, and tells him about Imlie’s double face and money hunger.

Atharva believes her and says that Imlie can take advantage of her innocence, but that he would now save her from Imlie. He expresses his love to cheeni and closely hugs Cheeni. Later, Imlie and Atharva cross paths in a corridor, and she asks about his condition following the gunshot incident. However, Atharva claims that he is absolutely fine since he is unique (he quotes Cheeni’s line “Cheeni is unique” because he believes Cheeni and his thinking are similar).

Hearing Cheeni’s dialogue with him, Imlie becomes confused. Imlie, confused, asks Atharva whether he truly wants to marry her. However, Atharva walks away after hinting that he will give everything to his life mate. Imlie smiles as she realizes the hidden meaning behind Atharva’s words, but she also notices some doubts in his eyes. Imlie and Atharva then take pheras, and Cheeni holds Atharva’s hand when he takes too long to put the varnamala on.

Cheeni looks at Rudra and helps Atharva in putting the Varnmala around Imlie’s neck, while Atharva looks at her in surprise. Cheeni believes that by tying the dupattas of Atharva and Imlie, she is tying her life to them.

Stay tuned for show spoilers, upcoming story news, and the latest gossip. And follow the show only on Start Plus and Hotstar.

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