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Imlie 29th August 2022 Written Episode

Imlie 29th August 2022 written Episode: Upcoming Twist

Imlie 29th August 2022 written episode (29 august 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming written update from Star Plus.

The Imlie show starts with Imlie and Aryan arriving at the phone’s location and discovering it on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, Aryan notices tire prints in the mud and informs Imlie that the kidnappers have just left. Aryan and Imlie rush to the car and start following them. Narmada, Arpita, Sundar, and Jaggu, on the other hand, are praying for Cheeni’s safety, while Anu mocks them for praying for a thief. Meanwhile, the kidnappers’ car comes to a halt due to an engine malfunction, and AryLie’s car comes to a halt in front of them.

Aryan, on the other hand, questions them about Cheeni by showing her photo, but the kidnapper lies and rushes to their car. Imlie recognizes Cheeni’s hand on the window and calls out her name. At the same time, Jaggu breaks Malini’s phone while she is calling the kidnappers to inform them about Aryan. Neela overhears Malini and Anu discussing Cheeni’s abduction and begins blackmailing Malini.

Malini, on the other hand, agrees to Neela’s request to marry Preeta to Aryan. Meanwhile, Aryan chases the kidnappers’ car and curses them for kidnapping Cheeni. The kidnapper speeds up their car, while Aryan chases after it, attempting to pass it. kidnapper, however, drifts the car and makes a U-turn. Aryan is taken aback when she sees Cheeni yelling at them to save them from the window. When the kidnapper’s car loses control and crashes down the small hill, Aryan and Imlie’s hearts shatter.

Imlie freezes when she sees the car turned upside down, while Aryan rushes to save Cheeni. However, Aryan only finds a piece of Cheeni cloth and yells at Imlie to assist him in finding Cheeni. When Aryan notices Imlie is frozen, he holds her face and promises her that he will save Cheeni. Imlie, on the other hand, declares that she does not want to lose her family again and sets out with a determined heart to find Cheeni.

The pooja thali falls in Rathore’s house, and the family members become concerned about Cheeni’s safety. Arpita promises Jaggu that Aryan will save his sister. Meanwhile, Imlie and Aryan rush to Cheeni’s aid after hearing her screams. Cheeni is standing beneath a bridge, and Imlie prepares to jump, but Aryan intervenes. Meanwhile, Aryan recalls Imlie’s accident and tells her that he will not let her endanger her life again. Aryan brings a rope, and Imlie descends using the rope. Cheeni, on the other hand, becomes dizzy and begins to fall, but Imlie holds her hand worriedly and hugs her daughter.

Stay tuned for show spoilers, upcoming story news, and the latest gossip. And follow the show only on Start Plus and Hotstar.

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