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Imlie 3 August 2022 Written Update

Imlie 3rd August 2022 written update: Upcoming Twist

Imlie 3rd August 2022 written Update (3 august 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming episode from Star Plus.

The imlie show starts with Cheeni inquiring about her father and requesting a name. Imlie, on the other hand, explains to her that a person doesn’t become a father simply by name. But must be present for the child and fight for the child without being asked.

When Aryan comes with gifts for Cheeni, Cheeni reminds Aryan and asks Imlie if she is referring to the city guy. Imlie, on the other hand, tells Chini to go inside while glaring at Aryan. Meantime, in Delhi, Neela is attempting to arrange a marriage for Aryan when Anu arrives and informs her that Aryan has already decided on a partner.

When Meethi arrives and informs that Chini is their distant relative’s daughter, Aryan imposes that Imlie tells her the name of Cheeni’s father. Anu informs the Rathore family that she is referring to Malini, but Malini clarifies that she is referring to her as a business partner and insists on leaving.

Anu, on the other hand, insists that they stay for the pooja.

Back in Pagdandiya, Meethi insists on Aryan staying because he’s the one who brought them pizza and takes Imlie inside. Meethi informs Imlie that Aryan has returned for her and that she should inform Cheeni that she is Gudiya. Imlie, on the other hand, refuses to acknowledge that Aryan accused Gudiya of Chikoo’s death and that he does not deserve that happiness.

Later, they all sit down to eat, but Imlie pretends not to be hungry while Meethi takes Cheeni outside. After an argument with Imlie, Aryan orders her to sign the apology letter so that he can leave Pagdandiya. Imlie, on the other hand, sets it on fire and declares that she will not support the wrong because she is not wrong.

Meanwhile, the intern takes a photo of Aryan and Imlie and sends it to Malini. Gudiya (Preeta) discusses Aryan and how she hopes he would return, while Malini expresses similar sentiments. Aryan and Imlie leave the house as Aryan informs her that she has made a grave error. Imlie asserts once more that she is Sita Maiyaa’s Bhakt and that nothing will happen to her.

Stay tuned for show spoilers, upcoming story news, and the latest gossip.

And follow the show only on Start Plus and Hotstar.

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