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Imlie 5 August 2022 Written Update

Imlie 5th August 2022 written update: Upcoming Twist

Imlie 5th August 2022 written Update (5 august 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming episode from Star Plus.

The imlie show starts with Cheeni being thrown into the air by the shopkeeper, but Aryan arrives just in time to save her. Aryan looks at the store owner, while Imlie has relief and hurries Cheeni. Cheeni warns the shop owners that they won’t be around for long. While Aryan inquires as to who attempted to harm her. The main store owner tries to threaten Aryan, but Aryan punches him and throws him into the shop.

Aryan then insults the shop owner and manages to build a shop in Cheeni’s name in less than half an hour. Cheeni is delighted to see the shop, but Imlie refuses to let her buy anything from it. Imlie falls into Aryan’s hands as she chastises him for attempting to trick Cheeni into siding with him. At the same time, Chini notices them and decides to gather them while she fights the villains.

Malini then appears, shocking Imlie and Aryan.

Cheeni stops Malini from approaching Imlie and Aryan, telling them that it is inappropriate to interrupt two people. Malini recognizes Cheeni as the person who picked up Aryan the other day and confronts her. They have a funny banter about mannerisms, and Imlie is afraid of mistaking Cheeni for Gudiya. Meantime, Aryan observes Imlie’s expression and wonders why she’s so concerned about Malini and Cheeni.

Before Malini can further insult Cheeni, Aryan and Imlie come to her aid, which surprises her. Malini begins to insult Imlie and refers to Cheeni as someone’s mistake, prompting Aryan to silence her. Concerned that Cheeni may be the reason for Aryan and Imlie’s reunion, Malini alters her strategy and acts emotionally, claiming that Imlie is the reason she is alone.

Aryan chastises Malini for insulting Imlie, but Malini dismisses the reprimand and informs Aryan that she is there to sign the contract for the purchase of the Ujala media house.

Anu returns to Delhi with gifts for the Rathore family and assures them that Aryan and Malini will come back from Pagdandiya as a couple. Meantime, Cheeni tells Meethi about the events of the day and tells her about the city lady, while Imlie does not tell her about Malini so as not to worry her.

Cheeni chastises Imlie and tells her that she should treat Aryan with respect, to which Meethi agrees. Back at the Rathore residence, Neela and Preeta attempt to insult Anu, but Anu responds by commenting on Preeta’s age, provoking her. Imlie, Meethi, and Cheeni talk about Cheeni’s school speech competition.

Stay tuned for show spoilers, upcoming story news, and the latest gossip.

And follow the show only on Start Plus and Hotstar.

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