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Imlie 7th July Written Update

Imlie 7th July 2022 written update: Upcoming Story

At the beginning of the episode of 7th July, the latest gossip that we get to see is that Imlie is telling Aryan something. Although Aryan had been angry and had argued with Imlie, Aryan had never lost the respect he had for her and their relationship.

After that, we see Imlie holding Aryan’s hand and she is telling him to look at her. But Aryan reveals emotionally that he cannot even look at her because of the guilt feeling for whatever he has done before.

The spoilers say that soon again, Imlie tries to explain to Aryan that just being practical. She says that Aryan was being manipulated by the tactics of Jyoti. Imlie tries a lot to make Aryan get rid of all the guilt that he is suffering.

Aryan had been filled with guilt because he had been engaging in a drama created by Jyoti. Kyoto, the villain had been trying to ruin the relationship between Aryan and Imlie by provoking him.

She is telling that the baby Imlie was carrying was not his and that he was not capable of being a father. All this misunderstanding led Aryan to believe Jyoti and doubt Madhav.

According to the updates and news, we get to see that Imlie tries to make Aryan get rid of all his guilt.

She requests Aryan to forget whatever has happened in the past and tries to convince Aryan. Imlie says he is not to blame for anything that has happened.

But, after all this, Aryan seems to stay hesitant. Imlie notices this which makes her think that whatever tactics she has played, it is working.

After all this, Imlie realizes that they should be returning to their home. She tells Aryan that they should go back home. Because Narmada along with the rest of the family is waiting there for them.

There are no such massive twists in this particular episode. But stay tuned for the next one!

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