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Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 13th August 2022 Written Update, Episode 13

KKK 12 (13th August 2022) Written Update. Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 Full Episode 13

Khatron Ke Khiladi, Colors TV’s popular reality stunt show, is bringing back an old contestant to surprise the show’s current contestants.

The host Rohit Shetty greets the contestants at their task location in the latest KKK12 promo (13 August 2022) and tells them that he is bringing back an eliminated contestant & to give them a second chance. Mainly because they have promised to tell great jokes, which makes the participants laugh.

In the promo video, Rohit is seen bringing back old participants. Pratik Sehejpal makes an unexpected appearance, surprising many of the contestants.

What’s more?  Pratik hugs some of the contestants while Rohit informs him that in order to return to the show. He must compete against the participants who are in elimination this week.

Download today’s (13-08-2022) episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 or watch the full episode of KKK12 online on the Voot app.

KKK 12 (Episode 11)  Streaming on Voot. KKK12 Stunts, Fear Fanda, Host, Contestants, Timing. Khiladi Season 12 Full Show Episode 13

The episode of 13 August 2022 begins with host Rohit Shetty welcoming the contestants. Rohit informs the contestants that an eliminated contestant, Pratik Sehejpal, will be returning to the show.

First Stunt of 13th August 2022

Rohit informs them that there will be no elimination today and displays the K-medal. Arjun Bijlani appears on video and informs the contestants that the winner of the K-medal will have the opportunity to save themselves from one elimination. The pair will perform the stunt in the task, and one contestant will have to collect ten flags and give them to the second contestant. The contestant will place inside a water-filled tube and must tie the flags. When the timer runs out, the vacuum is released, and the contestant is flushed down the tube into the pool. Faizu-Kanika, Jannat-Rajiv, and Tushar-Sriti are the couples. Tushar and Sriti complete the task and receive a power locket as a reward.

Second Task of 13th August 2022

Rohit informs the contestant that for the next task, they will have to walk on a platform at the top of the building and collect flags to stick to the glass wall moving behind them. The task is being completed by Nishant and Pratik. However, after the six flags, the speed of the moving wall increases, causing the contestant to jump from the platform. Nishant completes the task and receives the power locket.

Third Task of 13th August 2022

Rohit informs the contestants that for the next performance, they must enter a catfish-filled tank and cut the rope net circle at the bottom in order to reach the other section of the tank in under 15 minutes. Following that, the contestant must take the Charged plaque and hang it on the hook outside, as well as live up the Charged energy drink, to indicate completion of the task. Mohit completes the task and receives the power locket.

Today’s 13th August 2022 Episode, Episode 13, comes to an end.

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