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Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 18th September 2022 Written Update, Episode 24

Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 18th September 2022 Written Update Episode 24:  KKK 12 Full Episode.

Khatron Ke Khiladi, Colors TV’s popular reality stunt program has reached the semi-finals and. Will entertain the audience with its risky and thrilling stunts and humor.

In the newest KKK12 preview (18 September 2022). We see Rubina mentally preparing for the dynamic stunt that entails her driving a car. And smashing it with four other automobiles as part of the semi-finale stunt.

All of the candidates are seen watching anxiously as Rubina gets into the automobile and drives at full speed to successfully fulfill her objective of passing through all four cars.

To advance to the finals, all contenders will do very dangerous airborne, dynamic, and water acts.

The audience will get to witness their favorite competitors perform a variety of daring feats and stunts in the twenty-fourth episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 on Colors TV on (18-09-2022) at 9:30 p.m.

To know more, download today’s episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 or watch the complete episode of KKK12 online on the Voot app.

KKK 12 (Episode 24)  Streaming on Voot. KKK12 Stunts, Fear Fanda, Host, Contestants, Timing. Khiladi Season 12 Full Show Episode 24

The 18 September 2022 episode begins with Rohit Shetty greeting the competitors and telling them that this is their last opportunity to make it to the finale.

First Stunt of 18th September 2022

Rohit Shetty informs the candidates that they will be hurled into the river and then must zigzag across the river using the board linked to the jetski, take the flag tied to the jetski, and finally climb the chopper to win the job. Mohit and Nishant are the contenders who are competing, while others cheer them on. Nishant is defeated, while Mohit wins and is able to remove his Fear Fanda.

Second Task of 18th September 2022

To win the assignment, Rohit informs the candidates (Kanika and Rajiv) that they would be driving a car and will have to tilt it using a ramp on the truck ahead of the automobile and remove the ten flags connected to it. Rajiv takes down eight flags, but Kanika takes down ten and gets to Remove her Fear Fanda.

Third (Elimination) Stunt of 18th September 2022

At the third challenge site, Rohit informs the participants and audience that Nishant is unable to undertake any tasks owing to his poor health and displays a video message from Nishant.

As a result, Rohit tells them that they would have to remove Nishant. However, Rajiv will still have to complete a job but must exceed the standard established by one of the other participants. Rohit sifts through the papers and takes out Rubina’s name, ensuring that she would do the task first. For the task, Rohit instructs the participants to crawl a pole from the building’s edge to gather the three connected flags, then leap from the little spherical platform into the air to retrieve the fourth flag and finish the job. However, Rajiv fails to finish the assignment and eliminated, but Rohit decides to keep him in the finals for his sense of humor. As a consequence, Rajiv and Nishant both knocked out of the semi-finals.

Fourth Stunt of 18th September 2022

At the fourth task site, Rohit informs the six candidates that the finals week would only have five contestants and that there still one task left. Rohit instructs the participants (Faizu, Tushar, and Jannat) that they must climb a coconut tree and harvest 10 coconuts one by one before jumping into the water to place the coconuts in the basket. Faizu goes first, and owing to the harsh weather, Faizu has several troubles and becomes tired in the middle of the task.

Today’s Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 18th September 2022 KKK 2022 Episode 24 ends.

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