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London Files Is A Through Provoking Thriller

The past few years have been great for Indian web shows. With so many new platforms to release new shows, there is so much content to developed. With so many amazing ideas, a platform is all that was needed by our storytellers.

London Files is one of those ideas seeing the light of the day with a bang. To be very honest, it may not be a show for everyone but for fans of detective shows and crime thrillers, it is a great watch. So, I will be reviewing the show without giving away any spoilers.

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So, let’s start with theCONTENT’ of the show. The story is simple yet thought-provoking, there is not a straight ‘Good vs bad’ scenario and it progresses really well with good storytelling.

The show stays simple in its execution and doesn’t try to overcomplicate the story. While dealing with a sensitive topic, it tries to stay in the middle, and focus on the characters rather than trying to preach to the viewers.

The web series is set in London and the story revolves around immigrants. So trying to keep most of the story in Hindi, really felt too convenient at times.

Indian web shows


Arjun Rampal is a big name, and like so many others, he finally got to show his acting chops in a 6 episode long show. His character is a damaged detective fighting demons of his own while trying to prove that he is still not all lost.

As for the remaining cast, no one really stands out apart from Shanice Archer, who played Carol. Purab Kohli is someone, whom a lot of fans might have seen before, but his character was really one-dimensional.

arjun rampal


The plot of the story is about something big that’s going to happen around the immigrant population of London. The story was very much around Om Singh (Arjun Rampal) trying to make sense of his intuitions and fighting a battle with what he believes to be real.

He gets caught up in substance abuse after facing a personal tragedy and the lines between imagination and reality start to blur. After nearly losing everything that matters to him, he tries to find solace in the last thing he believes can redeem him and his lost reputation.


The story well-paced and doesn’t try to create too many false suspense situations. It all starts to look absurd when it starts to come together at the end.

There is not too much action in the show but rather a philosophical conflict. That most of the characters will go through as the show progresses. For fans, who have watched Fight Club, it will give a similar feel as far as the philosophical motivations.

The ending does look oversimplified and convenient. The involvement of law enforcement and politicians would look a bit different for fans who have watched other similar shows.

Asur london files

But overall it is a good watch and something new & refreshing from Indian web shows. After Asur, Voot has again given us a good show to binge on.

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