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Naagin 6 Written Update of 16th October 2022

Naagin 6 16th October 2022 Latest Episode Written Update

Today Nagin 6 16th October 2022 written update Starts with Pratha is upset about Rishabh after another Naagin attack.

So far in Naagin, Pratha meets Rishabh near the Naag Mahal behind the Nilgiris after he fails to appear on time at Gujral Mansion. Pratha witnesses a massive snake killing Rishabh.

According to the most recent teasers, Pratha transforms into Shesh Nagin and battles the snake Prathna. However, neither of them is aware that they are fighting.

Furthermore, in the future Naagin 6 twist, Pratha travels to King Takshaka to disclose the face of the Naagin following Rishabh’s death.

The King of Serpents remains silent and asks Pratha if she will know when the moment comes.

In upcoming episodes of Nagin 6, we’ll witness how Pratha vows to save Rishabh herself by using her hidden Shesh skills after a 21-year wait.

To know more, visit the Voot app and download the Nagin season complete episodes or watch the online full-show episode of Naagin.

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