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Pishachini 21st September 2022 Written Update

Pishachini 21st September 2022 written update Episode 32: Upcoming Twist

Pishachini 21st September 2022 written Update (21 September 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming episode from Colors TV.

The Pishachini show starts with Rani making fun of Pavithra and patting her on the head as if she were a child.

Pavithra pushes her hand away as Rani scowls at her and informs her that she knew what Pavithra was going to do and changed someone in her place, making everyone think it was her so that the Rajput family thinks poorly of Pavithra.

Other Pishach and Pishachini laugh at Pavithra’s pain as she flees inside the Ful mansion, wondering who she stabbed.

PAvithra walks to the temple and cries, believing that she has hurt an innocent person, pleading with Lord HAnuman to give her courage and guidance so that she would know what to do.

She also considers Dadaji’s transformation into a Pishach and wonders what she would do now that she is alone in her battle against Rani the Pishachini.

Later, the Rajputs return home, leaving Pavithra standing at the door, wondering if the guy she stabbed is okay.

However, Swapna exits the car first and informs Pavithra that she has to speak with her.

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