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Pishachini 27th September 2022 Written Update

Pishachini 27th September 2022 written update Episode 36: Upcoming Twist

Pishachini 27th September 2022 written Update (27 September 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming episode from Colors TV.

The Pishachini show starts with Pavithra lifting the veil, showing that she, not Rani, is the bride. Pavithra stares at Rocky, hoping that he will understand her. Pavithra just asked Rocky to trust her one more time before the Rajput family abducts her. Sanchit then loads Pavithra’s stuff into the car and hands her the keys so she may get to the airport.

However, as Vidhya waves farewell to Pavithra, the bag in her hand catches her eye and she is taken aback. Meanwhile, inside the house, Panditji informs the family that they must reorganize everything, and the family begins arranging everything. Pavithra returns to the parking lot and inquires about the bag, revealing to her that she is Pandit Dindayal’s granddaughter. Vidhya happily hugs her, realizing that Pavithra is only trying to assist the Rajput family, and claims that something is amiss in the home. While Pavithra claims that they must halt the marriage.

Rocky, on the other hand, looks in the mirror and asks Sanchit if he should maintain his words or follow his heart. Sanchit looks at Rocky with doubt in his eyes and walks away, declaring that one should always follow their heart. Pavithra takes the contents of the pouch and invents a mix, telling Vidhya to sprinkle it over the road Rani will go since Pishachini’s true form will appear as soon as she travels along that path.

When Rani learns the trap has been prepared for her, she uses her magic and a massive volume of smoke pours from the Havankund, blinding the Rajput family and the visitors. Pavithra stops Rani as she flies above the earth towards the Mandap. Rani chuckles as she mocks her by claiming Pavithra has walked into her death.

Pavithra walks aside, revealing an army of monkeys dragging Rani by her hands and throwing her into the abandoned mansion’s well. Back at the Ful house, Pavithra takes Rani’s place at the Mandap and marries her, while Rani attempts to escape the well but is unable since the monkeys have the same mark on their hands as Pavithra. In the present, the Rajput family criticizes and degrades Pavithra, claiming that they do not approve of marriage. Swapna enters the Mandap and drags Pavithra out, urging her to leave. Rocky, on the other hand, takes Pavithra’s hand and stops her. Telling his mother and the rest of the family. He is to blame for all that has happened today, not Pavithra.

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