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Pishachini 8th August 2022 Written Update

Pishachini 8th August 2022 written update Episode 1: Upcoming Twist

Pishachini 8th August 2022 written Update (8 august 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming episode from Colors TV.

The Pishachini show starts with A lovely lady walking through the jungle in the middle of the night, with the distant sound of a party in the background. Meantime, in the city, the notable Rathore family is once again hosting a massive party attended by society’s elite. The lovely lady in the jungle wants to introduce herself as Rani. And states weirdly that she does not enter anyone’s home unless welcomed by a member of the family.

She abruptly begins walking vertically on the tree and declares that she is not a ghost, but a Pishachini. She goes on to say that she will give the house owner. A lot of things in a swap for their soul and joy. After that, she resumes her walk with an evil laugh whereas this party show again. Beauty, as one background voice points out, is an abstraction, an urge to die. Rakshit, also known as Rocky by his friends, is having the time of his life at the party.

Rani tries to reach the top of the tree and looks out over Bareli.

Her gaze fell on the Rathore house party. Rani squints her eyes, a cruel purpose roiling in them. And declares that she will exact her revenge on the Rathore family by demolishing each and every family member alive. The next day, away from Pishachini and the Rathores, a middle-class girl named Pavithra prays to the goddess Shakti and vows that Pishachini will no longer ruin anyone else’s life.

Rocky says goodbye to his family and heads to college, where he meets Pavitra and captivates a charming and calm demeanor. As they’re conversing, Rocky hears an enchanting whisper calling to him and walks toward the voice, interrupting Pavitra’s discussion. Rani is the one chanting Rocky’s name as she prepares to enter the Rathore home with him as a pawn. Pavithra, who appears to have a history with the Pishachini, notices Rocky’s eye change in color and follows him while attempting to break him out of the hypnosis.

When Pavithra arrives in the jungle, she realizes it is a trap set by Pishachini and begins chanting a mantra. Meantime, Rani notices Pavithra with Rocky and interrupts her hypnosis, snickering and saying that obtaining Rocky will be fun now that she has foes like Pavithra. Pishachini appears to know Pavithra and enjoys their rivalry. Returning to the scene, Rocky becomes unconscious after being hypnotize, and Pavithra transports him back to the city while wondering why Rani is after Rocky. What is the history of Pavithra and Pishachini? Is it connected to Pavithra’s parents’ deaths?

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