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Pishachini 8th September 2022 Written Update

Pishachini 8th September 2022 written update Episode 23: Upcoming Twist

Pishachini 8th September 2022 written Update (8 September 2022) features the latest gossip and upcoming episode from Colors TV.

The Pishachini show starts with Himani begging Pavithra to assist her. Rani hears Himani’s voice and attempts to enter, but is surprised because it is a temple. Pavithra makes an explanation for Rani and departs, while Rani considers keeping a watch on her. Later, Rocky is playing his guitar and thinks about his time with Pavithra when Rani approaches and flirts with him. Rani takes his hand in hers and dances with him, assuring him that soon they will be two bodies and one spirit.

Rocky considers Pavithra as Rani drags him into the bed and asks him what he wants while stroking her fingers softly along his face. Rani stretches her fingernails and prepares to do her magic when Sanchit and Bindiya walk in and are surprised to see Rani and Rocky in the room. Himani’s parents are downstairs ordering Rocky’s parents to leave, while a flashback shows Pavithra instructing Himani to tell her parents to leave.

However, Rani appears below and persuades everyone to remain at the Ful mansion. Pavithra inquires about Rani’s social media, stating that she discovered Himani’s but was unable to locate Rani’s. Rani quips that Himani is so friendly that the rest of the family doesn’t need to be on social media. Pavithra continues to present the family albums and questions Rani about why she isn’t in any of the photos and why her college doesn’t exist.

Rocky, on the other hand, assures her that it isn’t essential. And Himani informs her that she can go back and obtain Rani’s degrees and photographs of her with the family. Sanchit agrees with Pavithra and believes her doubts are reasonable, but Rocky says he has complete faith in Rani. Sudha, on the other hand, advises they should go immediately and return later with Rani’s photographs and degrees. Rocky stops Pavithra and looks at her furiously as Himani’s family and Rani depart the Ful mansion.

Himani travels to the place specified by Dadaji in the automobile, while Rani questions her and demands an answer. Rocky confronts Pavithra, who claims to be doing everything for her family. Back in the vehicle, Himani tells Rani that she did everything for her murdered brother, and the parents taken aback. Himani claims she would liberate once she arrives at her goal. In a flashback, Dadaji instructs her to go to the Hanuman temple so that Rani does not harm her or her parents.

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