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Rajjo 11th October 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 11th October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 11th October 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 11 October 2022 starts with Rajjo recalling hiding behind the clay pot. When she noticed Urvashi standing with her father. Simultaneously, Urvashi receives a call from Madhu and lies about having her cosmetics done. Hearing Urvashi’s falsehoods, she is taken aback, and Urvashi turns to her father, accusing him of driving them into bankruptcy via his gambling. She accuses her father of harassing her on her wedding day, but her father requests her diamond jewelry to pay off debts.

Urvashi, enraged, delivers the jewelry to her father and informs him of her plot to steal Arjun’s fortune. She plans to take Arjun to America three months after their marriage and insists that he cover her parents’ expenses. If he does not meet her demand, she will file a sexual harassment complaint against him. Meanwhile, Rajjo is ecstatic to learn of Urvashi’s terrible plots against the Thakur family.

Urvashi threatens to blackmail the Thakur family into transferring their whole fortune to her if they agree to bail Arjun out. Meanwhile, Urrvashi’s mother has prepared fake jewelry for her. Returning to the present, Arjun takes her away for one more conversation. He asks her why she broke her promise since he knows she isn’t the type of person who will break her promise at any cost.

Meanwhile, Rajjo recalls discussing with her Maai the possibility of disclosing Urvashi’s secret to the Thakur family in order to save Arjun. Manorama meddles and begs her daughter not to go since everyone would mock her for being a wealth digger. Rajjo, on the other hand, rushes to Arjun’s residence, certain that Arjun will listen to her comments.

Back in the present, Rajjo informs Arjun about Urvashi’s scheme and of Urvashi’s false necklace. She calls Urvashi a gold digger and a female Vicky, but Arjun yells at her to stop. Arjun explains Urvashi’s pride, respect, and wealth, and he admits that he was wrong to help her. In every way, he believes Urvashi is better than her, but Rajjo recalls her mother’s words about affluent people never trusting poor people.

Later, Rajjo promises to safeguard Arjun at whatever cost from Urvashi’s plan. In the hall, Madhu asks Arjun what he’s decided, and he answers that Rajjo will be gone forever. Chirag, on the other hand, supports Rajjo and asks her the truth, and she asks Khan Babu to check Urvashi’s necklace. Arjun, tired of all the drama, asks Urvashi for her jewelry, but the scared Urvashi refuses. However, Madhu acts, although he sarcastically repeats Rajjo’s insults against Urvashi. Urvashi’s face blushes when she knows Rajjo is aware of her plot.

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