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Rajjo 17th October 2022 Written Episode


Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 17th October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 17th October 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 17 October 2022 starts with Chirag comforting Arjun as Kalindi and Jhilmil talk about Urvashi and Rajjo sharing a home. However, Arjun simply stares at Rajjo and walks away, followed by the rest of the family. Urvashi feels compelled to act now that Rajjo has challenged her to remove her from the Thakur residence.

Pushkar considers Rajjo’s drama and wonders how she managed to ensnare Arjun in her hands. Pushkar believes he must get rid of Manorama in order to focus on getting rid of Rajjo. Back at the Thakur residence, Urvashi enters Arjun’s room and begins decorating it as he is in the shower. However, Rajjo arrives and pops the balloon decoration, asking that Urvashi leave. When Urvashi and Arjun both slip and fall on the bed, Arjun becomes enraged and begins lecturing Rajjo. Rajjo recalls how she entered the Thakur home and promises Arjun that she would not approach him again.

Rajjo then fetches the stair and climbs the cabinets, claiming that she will be out of his sight. Arjun, irritated, takes a pillow and exits the room, declaring that he would not share a room with her. Later, Rajjo observes Arjun sleeping on the balcony seat from a distance and goes to cover him with a blanket. However, the blanket shifts due to the wind, and Rajjo adjusts it again before sleeping in the chair on the balcony. Arjun awakens the next morning, shocked that he has no pains or strains in his body.

Madhu arrives soon then and furiously questions him why he was sleeping on the balcony. Arjun claims it was due to his wife and enters his room, followed by Madhu. However, Rajjo is not present, and the son-mother duo is gossiping about her when Arjun receives a call from his paragliding buddy, Shikhar. Shikhar informs Arjun that he and his buddy Anish would be visiting Thakur Mansion to meet Arjun’s wife.

Meanwhile, Rajjo is at the hospital, pleading with Manorama to wake up, when the doctor arrives to notify them that Manorama is in a coma. The doctor informs them of the hospital bills and departs, while Rajjo pledges to arrange the funds and care for her. Back at the Thakur residence, family members counsel Arjun as Jhilmil attempts to ridicule him. Madhu silences her by claiming that Mukund has committed more blunders than Arjun.

Madhu states that she would not allow Rajjo to be introduced as the Thakur family’s daughter-in-law. Urvashi appears and informs them that she has an idea and that she is willing to play Arjun’s wife in front of his friends.

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