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Rajjo 20th September 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 20th September 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 20th September 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 20 September 2022 starts Pushkar convinces Arjun to return Rajjo and Manorama to their village. Hearing Pushkar’s statements, Manorama becomes concerned that Pushkar may murder them. However, Arjun declares that he would not allow Rajjo to go anywhere. Manorama becomes concerned when she notices a massive spot of blood on Rajjo’s shirt. Madhu and Jhilmil are discussing Arjun in Madhu’s room.

Madhu expresses her concern about Arjun’s stubborn behavior and harming Thakur’s name by allowing Rajjo to live in his room. Rajjo, on the other hand, becomes dizzy owing to blood loss, and Arjun becomes concerned. Arjun chastises Rajjo for her obstinacy and orders a neurological scan.

However, Pushkar tells Arjun that he will have Rajjo cured at a clinic, but Arjun is obstinate and vows that Rajjo will return tomorrow. Rajjo is taking water from Manorama’s hand in storage, and Madhu is enraged to find Rajjo in her home again. Manorama apologizes to Arjun for making his life miserable and tells him that they will leave right now.

Arjun, on the other hand, asks Manorama and Rajjo to spend the night at his place and rest. Arjun stops Madhu from crushing the red chili and asks her to sleep in the kitchen. Urvashi’s mother scolds her for not speaking out about Arjun’s conduct and for putting up with his living with another girl in Urvashi’s room. Urvashi expresses concern over Arjun’s strange behavior toward Rajjo and the future of their relationship.

Manorama and Rajjo are hugging on the rug in the storeroom, discussing their separation. Manorama then tells Rajjo not to run again because they got separated during her race at Neeltaal. Rajjo, on the other hand, pulls her Manorama’s award and tells her she would not ask her any questions.

Rajjo informs Manorama that jogging is beneficial because her mother is an athlete. Manorama is taken aback by Rajjo’s statements and rushes back to Neeltaal. However, Rajjo informs Manorama that she has other intentions for their future. Urvashi confronts Arjun in the kitchen for favoring Rajjo above her and not listening to her demands.

Meanwhile, Arjun apologizes to Urvashi, but she ignores him. Arjun, enraged, pours a glass of juice for Rajjo’s Maai, while Urvashi prays to God to remove Rajjo from Arjun’s life. Rajjo says in the storeroom that she would engage in sports and bring money for them. Manorama scolds Rajjo and demands her to return with her after hearing her remarks, but Rajjo refuses.

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