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Rajjo 19th September 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 19th September 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 19th September 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 19 September 2022 starts Arjun tells Manorama that Rajjo misses her every second of her life and compares her to his mother. Madhu is taken aback by Arjun’s statements and looks at him. Meanwhile, Arjun brings Manorama to Rajjo. But Pushkar stops him and tells him to wait till Rajjo recovers.

Hearing about Rajjo’s health, Manorama becomes worried. But Pushkar tells her to listen to him in his blackmail voice. Arjun then tells Manorama that he would look after Rajjo and asks her to leave her scarf with Rajjo. Emotional Manorama follows Pushkar inside Rajjo’s room for the final time. Swara later informs Arjun that Rajjo has been moved to the storeroom. Pushkar threatens Rajjo outside the Thakur residence and tells her to maintain her remaining dignity.

Rajjo awakes in the storeroom and calls her Maai. In the living room, Madhu accuses Pushkar of leaving Rajjo in her room. And Urvashi questions Arjun’s plans to marry her.

Hearing Urvashi’s remarks, Madhu tells her that no one can steal her place in Arjun’s heart. Rajjo attempts to rise up in the storeroom but falls owing to pain, but Arjun embraces her in his arms. Arjun apologizes to Rajjo for putting her life in danger. And she tells him she trusts him more than the sun.

Arjun then offers her Manorama’s scarf and expresses guilt for not informing Rajjo about Manorama. However, Rajjo discovers Manorama’s bangle piece in the scarf and confronts Arjun about her Maai. Arjun tells Rajjo the truth after seeing her tearful face, and Rajjo races for the entrance as Arjun follows her. Pushkar’s automobile starts at the same moment, and he looks at Manorama through the rearview.

Rajjo runs behind the car, shouting for her mother, and gets inside. When Manorama sees Rajjo, she yells at the driver to stop the car and hugs her daughter when it does. Pushkar looks at the mother-daughter combination, and Arjun has relieved to see Rajjo and her mother together. Meanwhile, Rajjo scoops up Manorama in joy and tears of joy, narrating the entire event after she is lost. Arjun becomes moved at seeing the reunion, and Manorama extends her hand in thanks in front of Arjun. Manorama prays to Arjun by bowing her head. Pushkar, on the other hand, believes his history has returned to haunt her.

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