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Rajjo 1st October 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 1st October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 1st October 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 1 October 2022 starts Vicky scolded his friend and winked at them, signaling them to wait their time. Chirag, on the other hand, attempts to go check on Rajjo, but Arjun stops him and tells him to mind his own business. Arjun chooses to leave Rajjo in the care of Manorama and Vicky, and orders Chirag to keep away from her.

Manorama, on the other hand, applies mehndi on Rajjo’s hand and informs everyone that they are heading to a local temple for puja. Vicky’s eyes brighten at the prospect of a night of love after hearing Manorama’s intentions. Kalindi and Rocky are romancing in Thakur’s house, which surprises Urvashi.

Flabbergasted Urvashi rushes to Chirag to inform him about Kalindi’s affair. But she is grabbed and pushed into a corridor to explain the issue. In another scene, Vicky tells his pals about his plans to marry Rajjo, and send Manorama out of India. And live luxuriously following Pushkar’s last payment. Meanwhile, Kalindi bargains with Urvashi to keep her affair hidden from everyone, and she vows not to tell Arjun the truth about Vicky.

Urvashi is well aware that whenever Arjun travels to save Rajjo, he becomes more devoted to her. Later, Arjun is on a stage with mehndi in his hands, lost in Rajjo’s worry. Chirag, on the other hand, amuses Arjun and distracts him from his concerns. At the same time, Urvashi’s mother encourages her daughter to be joyful. And to join Arjun’s side now that her marriage is finally taking place.

Madhu then makes a grand entry and performs a unique version of “Kalsi Ka Pani” to celebrate her son’s happiness. Manorama assures her daughter at the cottage that Vicky is the ideal decision for her and tells her to enjoy the day and visit the temple. Vicky is waiting outside the hut for Manorama to leave so he may earn money today and transfer her out of India the next morning.

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