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Rajjo 22nd September 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 22nd September 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 22nd September 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 22 September 2022 starts Manorama teaches Rajjo the value of marriage and orders her to marry Vicky. Rajjo, as usual, defies Manorama, but she ignores her. Pushkar, on the other hand, pays Vicky to marry Rajjo and return to Neeltaal. Vicky is surprised to see Arjun after Pushkar departs, but lies to him and goes inside as Arjun looks suspiciously at Vicky. Rajjo blames Manorama for not allowing her to pursue her dreams in the storeroom, but she emotionally blackmails her daughter.

However, an enraged Manorama advises Rajjo to pursue her ambitions after marrying Vicky because she would be able to live in the city with him. Rajjo gives Manorama a suspicious look and accuses her of concealing something. Finally, Manorama orders Rajjo to marry Vicky so that nothing bad happens to her. Urvashi, on the other hand, organizes a honeymoon in the United States with Arjun, and he accepts.

Ecstatic Urvashi professes her feelings for Arjun, but he only half-heartedly reciprocates. Pratap taunts Madhu in her room for arranging a package of cash for Rajjo, while Madhu is overjoyed to have her son back. Madhu shows her joy at Urvashi and Arjun’s marriage, but her heart remains unsettled.

Chirag hugs Arjun in the living room and tells him not to disregard his feelings. At the same moment, Manorama and Rajjo appear and greet him, and Madhu addresses Rajjo. With a side-eye at Arjun, Madhu wishes Rajjo a good life with Vicky. And Rajjo apologizes to her for making her life difficult. Rajjo promises Madhu that he would pray for Khan Babu’s well-being every day, and Manorama thanks everyone for looking after her daughter.

Meanwhile, Madhu instructs them to walk out and hands Rajjo the cash bundle that Arjun gave her as a wedding gift. Just then, Chirag, Swara, and Siya present Rajjo with a cellphone, a purse, and a pin. Manorama removes Rajjo from Thakur’s residence after hearing Kalindi’s caustic comment regarding Vidaai. Arjun’s heart sinks as he sees Rajjo go, knowing that he was unable to fulfill her wish.

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