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Rajjo 27th September 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 27th September 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 27th September 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 27 September 2022 starts A doctor stitches Arjun’s injury. Meanwhile, Arjun recalls Rajjo receiving stitches for her wounds and recalls her boldness. As he comes, Arjun urges himself to forget about Rajjo and just focus on Urvashi. Manorama and Rajjo, on the other hand, are joined by a lady and a daughter from Neeltaal.

Later, the girl accidentally takes a picture of Rajjo and sends it to Arjun. Arjun’s heart skips a beat as he sees a photo of Rajjo looking like an angel in a yellow Saree, her pink flushed cheeks enhancing her innocent beauty. Outside the hospital, Madhu thanks Chirag for taking on his elder brother’s duties, and the doctor tells them to take Arjun home.

The doctor recognizes Pushkar when Madhu and Chirag enter the hospital room. He confronts him for ruining Manorama’s career by duping her into having an abortion 18 years ago. Pushkar is mocked by the doctor for getting an unmarried girl pregnant and leaving her to raise the child.

Meanwhile, the doctor’s loud speech draws a gathering, and Pushkar shocked to find Arjun and Kavita approaching him. However, the doctor leaves and Arjun inquires about the problem with Pushkar, who abruptly changes the subject. Vicky, on the other side, is drinking whiskey and compares Rajjo to his Maha Laxmi.

Vicky fantasizes about making money off Pushkar and his pals by selling Rajjo’s body. At the police station, the officer recognizes Vicky as a human trafficker and instructs his subordinate to locate the owner of the white automobile because he was unable to photograph Vicky’s license plate. Arjun, on the other hand, deletes Rajjo’s photos and resolves to focus only on Urvashi.

When he meets Urvashi, he compliments her and apologizes profusely for deeply hurting her, urging her to rekindle their relationship. Arjun takes a photo with Urvashi, while Rajjo in the Thakur mansion and Vicky take a selfie together in the cottage, and everyone showers flowers on both couples. Later on, Arjun begins to learn to dance, and Madhu has relieved to see Arjun happy after a long time.

Rajjo, on the other hand, hears a vehicle honk and rushes outdoors, where she discovers Arjun standing in her doorway. Her hallucination has broken when she sees a stranger asking for directions. Arjun imagines Rajjo eating a cupcake as Siya is eating the cupcake. Arjun and Rajjo both lost in one other’s thoughts, yet they both reject reality.

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