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Rajjo 2nd November 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 2nd November 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 2nd November 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 2nd November 2022 starts with Arjun looking at Rajjo, deciding that he would not change his view of her and will continue to do as he feels good. Rajjo is working in the kitchen when Sia enters and requests her help in playing with colors. Rajjo informs Sia that she would join her as soon as she finishes her work, and Sia tells her how Urvashi’s uncles are afraid of Sheru.

Swara comes after Sia has left and tells Rajjo that the food must be delivered to the City Hospital, which surprises Rajjo. Swara informs Rajjo that she regularly visits there and would personally deliver it, but Swara begs Rajjo to take it with her for her uncle.

Swaraa gives Rajjo a tulsi necklace, which makes her emotional considering Rajjo’s mother’s sickness. Later, Urvashi’s uncles prepare to leave the home because their purpose of coming has  achieved.

Arjun offers to carry their bag, but they refuse to let him touch it, which makes everyone uneasy. As Urvashi signals, her uncles inform everyone that sons-in-law are not needed to work in their household. Kalindi phones Rajjo and says she saw Urvashi take the Swarn Kalash (golden pot) downstairs but can’t locate it anywhere.

Rajjo remembers meeting one of Urvashi’s relatives while attempting to steal the Kalash and informing Kalindi about it. When Rajjo and Kalindi notice the uncles hugging the suitcase near to their hearts, they understand they’re leaving with the Kalash inside their luggage. As Urvashi and the others say their goodbyes to her uncles, Rajjo motions Sheru toward them from around a corner.

Urvashi’s uncles jump in fear when they see Sheru, and the luggage falls to the ground. Arjun offers to lift it and lifts it up, causing everything outside to shatter, including the golden pot. Everyone has surprised to discover the golden pot, and Arjun questions Urvashi about how their golden pot ended up in her uncle’s suitcase.

Urvashi, on the other side, says that she was unaware of her uncles’ lies and embarrassed by them. Rajjo informs everyone that she saw Urvashi taking the pot downstairs. To which Urvashi replies that she ran in fear when a lizard fell on her. Urvashi attempts to blame Rajjo for storing the pot in her uncle’s bag. But Arjun warns her not to drag Rajjo into it. Urvashi acts emotionally in front of the family members when her uncles leave, and she succeeds in gaining their trust.

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